BioWare's Anthem adds DLSS support as Nvidia's RTX push continues


BioWare's Anthem makes one hell of a first impression, and today, it got even stronger--at least if you're a gaming geek who fetishizes ultra-fast frame rates. An update rolled out today that adds support for Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, which uses machine learning and the dedicated tensor cores inside GeForce RTX graphics cards to make your games play faster. Anthem's level-up comes hot on the heels of RTX features debuting in games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus. Those two games, along with Battlefield V, pair DLSS with real-time ray tracing features to counteract the latter's performance hit. Anthem joins Final Fantasy XV in offering DLSS alone to supercharge frame rates--by up to a whopping 40 percent, Nvidia claims.

Anthem review โ€“ a tedious and conservative dirge

The Guardian

Anthem seeks to infuse co-operative shooting with the nuanced storytelling that has made its developer, BioWare, one of the world's most respected โ€“ and in doing so, it takes copious notes from Bungie's colourful sci-fi shooter Destiny. It's an intriguing gamble, but sadly, Anthem proves to be depressingly hollow. Initially all seems well, as Anthem sensibly front-loads its strongest features. The game takes place on an alien planet subject to perpetual cataclysms, and players assume the role of heroic mercenaries, using their powerful Javelin mech suits to fight the dangerous creatures that appear in their wake. This world is visually stunning, beyond almost anything we've seen in the current generation of video games.

'Anthem' is BioWare's whole new world at E3 2018


Anthem is a smorgasbord of water cooler moments. At least, that's how I felt when we were invited to BioWare Edmonton to spend a day with the development team, learning as much as we could about Anthem. I'll be honest, I know pieces of what Anthem is going to become when it's finally finished and released on February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. But like everyone outside of BioWare, the whole that all those parts amount to is still something of a mystery. But here's what I know.

Nvidia Shield TV Update 6.3: Enhancements, Changes & Security Patch Explained

International Business Times

Nvidia has just released a new software update for its Shield TVs. Called Experience Upgrade 6.3, the update comes with new enhancements and changes to certain features as well as a security patch for the Spectre exploit.

'No Man's Sky' PC Performance Guide: 3 Tips To Fix The Game's Framerate And Stutter Problems

International Business Times

"No Man's Sky" launched on PC yesterday, and many gamers have reported framerate issues and stuttering during gameplay. Given just a few hours of analysis, here's a performance guide with three fixes that have helped many players enjoy the game! NOTE: These fixes are temporary and are only intended for those with average knowledge of PC use. Readers without confidence in their skills should simply wait for the next official patch. G-Sync is a feature made by NVIDIA to improve visuals on high-quality monitors that support it.