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Outside Insight - AI driven Competitive Intelligence Tool and Data Insights


Online job postings offer one of the most telling clues about a company's next move. Do recent job postings at Sonos suggest a coming IPO? As AI increasingly takes center stage in tech innovation, the question of transparency, privacy and ethics becomes paramount. Growth Tribe's David Arnoux on why a solid understanding of AI will be critical for all executives and how they can use it to get ahead of the competition

Let's Talk Data… Introducing BrainPower, Your New Insight Hub


It goes without saying that data insights are a critical component of an effective marketing strategy. Through our extensive experience working with leading brands including Reiss, Renault, and we've just launched BrainPower, your one stop shop for data that will inform your next content strategy. Stories powered by data engage, excite, and inspire readers. The better we know our target audience--not just their likes but their loves and loathes--the more likely we are to deliver interesting and insightful content that they will discover, read, and share. It's with this in mind that BrainPower draws on our wealth of global data across our media networks.

Game Changing Startups and Emerging Tech - CB Insights Research


We highlight 2020's emerging trends to watch and high-momentum startups with world-changing potential. The past few decades have seen unprecedented levels of innovation, especially in what Peter Thiel calls the world of "bits," or software, internet, and mobile technology. According to Thiel, however, there's a sense that the tech space "could be doing so much more," especially in what he calls the world of "atoms" or efforts to create things like new forms of energy, medicine, and transport -- spaces that tend to be costly and challenging to tackle, but also potentially transformative. Using the CB Insights emerging technology insights platform, we identified high-momentum companies pioneering new ways to solve big problems. In this report, we look at 12 categories and 36 companies that could change the world, ranging from quantum cryptography and DNA data marketplaces to speed-of-light computing and next-gen nuclear energy.

Hendrix Meeting Notes & Insights Powered by AI


Hendrix has significantly improved our meetings, and the high-level actionable summaries that come away from them. It removes the need for multitasking during important discussions and it allows us to actively listen to our partners while keeping our meetings productive.

I Am Not a Robot: The Importance of Humanising Insight


AI (or, artificial intelligence) is a topic which is becoming increasingly prevalent. Whilst it is becoming more common within the market research industry, I don't believe it can't totally replace a researcher and how we think and work (thankfully or we'd all be looking for new jobs!); and on top of that I don't think that it should. Companies these days are generating more data than ever before so, don't get me wrong, anything that makes our lives easier is great -- and as Helene Protopapas discussed the fact that AI can help speed up research is advantageous to us all. However, there are some reasons why I strongly believe that AI isn't the'produce insight' button we've all secretly been wishing for and that you still need a researcher to deliver the insight that clients want and expect. As Harmony Crawford points out, if you just give someone a load of numbers, they'll drown in them.