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AWS adds hourly billing to WorkSpaces virtual desktop service


Amazon Web Services said it will offer hourly billing to its WorkSpaces cloud service in a move that's aimed at companies with part-time employees, job sharing and temp workers. Under the changes, AWS customers can pay for WorkSpaces by the hour and get 80 GB of root volume. WorkSpaces is AWS' virtual desktop effort designed to support multiple devices. It is geared to play well with companies eyeing virtual desktop services. WorkSpaces have Microsoft Office, Trend Micro and utilities bundled together as well as browsers.

Solving the Remote Workplace Scramble to Meet the Productivity Goals


The work-from-home trend that was wending its way across the corporate landscape got a sudden shot in the arm due to the pandemic's mandate of sheltering in place. Gartner found in a recent survey that 74% of chief financial officer respondents were planning to transition at least some of their workforce to full-time remote work. Organizations are seeing that not only do the majority of employees enjoy working from home, but that they are often more – not less – productive in this new arrangement. For companies that had a limited remote work policy or none at all, setting up employees to work from home was a scramble. It involved enabling them by shipping devices, monitors, keyboards and confirming sufficient network bandwidth.

The virtual desktop: An exciting new age of technological possibilities


Employees are increasingly inspiring the adoption of newer technologies in the workplace. This is not surprising given that only three percent of UK employees feel their work IT is state of the art.

IT thoughts


It isn't a secret I always loved the technology and solutions NVIDIA provides. Professionally my first encounter was with some Quadro cards and Citrix HDX 3D Pro. The ability to deliver a virtual desktop without poor graphics or finally being able to deliver powerful virtual desktops for GPU demanding applications was amazing. The technology opened up new opportunities. All of a sudden engineers, architects and designers scattered around the world where able to collaborate with their massive assemblies without the need to wait on file synchronization processes.

HP launches new Z workstations, ZCentral virtual desktop system


HP is rolling out a series of Z workstations as well as an updated ZCentral virtual desktop platform to bolster the move to remote work for creative pros, medical professionals and data scientists. As enterprises moved to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for laptops, desktops and workstations for home surged. The boom in demand was reflected in the second quarter results from both HP and Dell Technologies. However, Jim Nottingham, general manager of Z by HP, said it has become clear that the "PC has a new role and is essential." These devices are going to be more essential since HP has found that "80% of creators and power users want to work from home full or part time."