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[Working Life] Orchestrating a powerful group


As I entered my assistant professor years in the early 1990s and worked to assemble my research team, I considered each candidate individually. I took on students based on grades and test scores, and my relationships with them were one-on-one. I didn't consider their teamwork abilities or soft skills--or the group dynamic as a whole. This approach gave me a somewhat productive lab group as measured by single member outputs, but over many years, I came to appreciate that the collective matters--a lot. Beyond the individual output of the graduate students and postdocs lies a parallel universe of teamwork, peer-to-peer mentoring, and--most important--discovery for the research group as a whole.

Music Technology Group Music Technology Group

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The Music Technology Group (MTG) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, part of its Department of Information and Communication Technologies, carries out research on topics such as audio signal processing, music information retrieval, musical interfaces, and computational musicology. The MTG wants to contribute to the improvement of the information and communication technologies related to sound and music, carrying out competitive research at the international level and at the same time transferring its results to society. To that goal, the MTG aims at finding a balance between basic and applied research while promoting interdisciplinary approaches that incorporate knowledge from both scientific/technological and humanistic/artistic disciplines.

Mali: Rights groups blame army for deaths of minority group

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Local rights groups in Mali warn that the army and its allies are torturing and killing civilians from an ethnic group accused of collaborating with Islamic militants. The violence is taking place in central Mali, where an extremist group known as the Macina Liberation Front is becoming more active. Sekou Bah, the secretary-general of Dental Wuwarbe, a local group representing members of the Peuhl ethnic group, said at least eight people have been killed this year by soldiers. Another group, Association of Peuhls, alleges a higher toll of 15. Col. Diarran Kone, a spokesman for Mali's Defense Ministry, said he was not aware of the reports and encouraged the groups to come forward with their evidence.

List of R conferences and user groups


For 8 years now, we've maintained a list of local R user groups here at the Revolutions blog. This is a list that began with a single group (the Bay Area RUG, the first and still one of the largest groups), and now includes 360 user groups worldwide (including 27 specifically for women). As the list has grown in size, it's become harder to manage. Thankfully, Colin Gillespie of Jumping Rivers Consulting has risen to the task, by creating a new website based on a GitHub repository that anyone can contribute to. I've updaed the Local R User Group Directory to point to these new pages, specifically the lists of: If you have a group of your own, contributing to the list is easy.

Google is turning off the option to switch to classic Groups


Google gave Groups a Material Design makeover back in March and made it the default experience a few months later in September. Back then, the tech giant still gave users the option to switch back to classic Groups in case they're not very fond of the new version's more modern looks. But now Google is removing that option completely, making the new Groups the only interface users can access. The company has announced the change in the Google Workspace Updates blog, explaining that the redesigned Groups will provide "a modern experience that matches Gmail and other Google services." It will start removing the "Return to classic Google Groups" option under Settings on November 2nd, and it will take up to three days for the rollout to be complete.