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Google model identifies restaurants that could give you food poisoning


Google could soon tell you which restaurants are more likely to give you food poisoning, thanks to an algorithm that can identify lapses in food safety in near real time. Working with researchers from Harvard University, Google tested a machine-learned model in Chicago and Las Vegas to identify user search queries such as "stomach cramps" or "diarrhea", and then cross-referenced them with saved location history data -- in particular recently-visited food establishments -- from the smartphones used to make those searches. Health inspectors were then sent to a number of restaurants: some identified by Google's model as potentially unsafe, and others identified by traditional methods, such as consumer complaints -- the inspectors didn't know which. When the researchers compared the model with routine inspections by health departments in Las Vegas and Chicago, they found that the overall rate across both cities of unsafe restaurants detected by the model was 52.3 percent, whereas the overall rate of detection of unsafe restaurants via routine inspections across the two cities was 22.7 percent. Study co-author and Google research scientist Evgeniy Gabrilovich said the model could play a major role in combatting the persistent problem of foodborne illness.

Restaurant faces backlash after shaming teen who paid bill with quarters

FOX News

Beer 88 in Lynchburg, Va., posted a photo on a now-deleted Facebook page, with the caption "'How NOT to pay at a restaurant.'" A restaurant was slammed on Facebook after commenting on a teen who paid his bill mostly with quarters. Beer 88 in Lynchburg, Va., posted a photo on a now-deleted Facebook page, with the caption "'How NOT to pay at a restaurant,'" along with the hashtags "we are beer 88 not a coinstar," and "no home training." The joking Facebook post did not go over well with Beer 88's audience, sparking major backlash against the restaurant with customers – especially Cohen Naulty, the 17-year-old who had paid his $45 restaurant bill and left a $10 tip with a $20 bill, and quarters. "It's just U.S. currency," Naulty told ABC News affiliate WSET in Lynchburg.

Mother arrested on suspicion of abandoning 1-year-old son at Tokyo restaurant

The Japan Times

Police arrested a 43-year-old mother on Saturday for allegedly leaving her 1-year-old son at a restaurant in Tokyo, investigators said Tuesday.

'Friends' fans reportedly defacing restaurant with show's quotes

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. 20 are here. Check out what's clicking on For the owner of a New York City restaurant, it hasn't been his day, his week, his month or even his year. The real-world location for one of the most famous sitcom locations of the '90s has become a tourist attraction, but that's not great news for everyone. The owner of the restaurant that actually exists there is apparently tired of "Friends" fans showing up and causing problems.