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The period as we know it is dying. That's really not so bad.


The ends of sentences today are often lacking in periods, purposefully left open to appendage, response or silence. We avoid hitting the period key whenever possible, because periods don't just end sentences, they have meaning. SEE ALSO: Google's new iPhone keyboard puts search, emoji and GIFs front and center When you tell a friend something via text message, getting a reply that reads "Ok." instead of "Ok" is no longer just a meaningless difference in punctuation. The period adds emotion; it's an intentional addition that demands further interpretation, as noted recently by the New York Times. Before AOL Instant Messenger and its ilk, one sentence usually followed another.

Mathematical Laws to know as a Data Scientist.


Zipf's law was created for quantitative linguistic, which states that given some natural language dataset corpus, any word's frequency is inversely proportional to its frequency table rank. Thus the most frequent word will occur approximately twice as often as the second most frequent word, three times as often as the third most frequent word. For example, in the previous Spotify dataset, I would try to split all the words and punctuation to count them. Below is the top 12 of the most common words and their frequency. When I sum all the word that exists in the Spotify corpus, the total is 759389.

Before Texting Your Kid, Make Sure To Double Check Your Punctuation

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Some linguists find that younger people tend to see text messages that end with a period as passive-aggressive, or otherwise negative.

'Grammar vigilante' sneaks around at night fixing bad apostrophes because not all heroes wear capes


There's another caped superhero in town, and no, he doesn't fly or climb walls. Putting a (full) stop to bad punctuation. His weapon of choice is an "apostrophiser," which he uses to reach the highest signs. The "Banksy of punctuation," who uses stickers rather than paint, denies it's a crime to go around the city to improve standards: "It's a crime to have apostrophes wrong in the first place," he told the BBC. Is the Grammar Vigilante recruiting?

Summarizing AI Articles using AI (What else??)


My initial is to learn how to build a simple summarizer to be used in my weekly A.I. & ML newsletter so I've decided to start with the Extractive summarization approach.