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Etiquette Competition Teaches Kids Manners, People Skills

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Fifth-grader Halee Butler worked the room at Bristow Elementary School as she confidently introduced herself and made small talk with local volunteers participating in an etiquette competition meant to teach students people skills.

Skills Gap Research 2017 Udemy Skills Gap Report


The vast majority of workers in geographies Udemy surveyed feel their countries are facing a skills gap, but a varying number say it affects them personally. Looking beyond the numbers reveals a confused workforce struggling to take control in the face of constant change.

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Teachers Acquire a New Skill: How to Stop the Bleeding

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A Connecticut doctor who treated children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 helped launch the effort, dubbed Stop the Bleed. The nonprofit program has spread to all 50 states, with more than 125,000 teachers, counselors and school administrators learning skills such as applying direct pressure, packing wounds and applying tourniquets.

Illinois High School Program Teaches Business Skills

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"That economy is changed forever," said Rich Johnson, executive director of the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities partnership between local businesses and Sangamon County school districts. "We're now in a job-creation economy. It's a reality we're facing with the technical and entrepreneurial skills. I want to be in St. Louis, I want to be in Chicago. We want them to think'I can start a business here, I can live here.'"