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The Chatbot Landscape, 2017 Edition


Since we started building bots more than 2 years ago, the landscape has seen massive interest and change. This makes it hard for companies and customers to figure out what's really happening and what they should do if they really want to build a chatbot for their business.

Framework: The role of Humans in the Future of Work - Ross Dawson


Yesterday I gave the keynote on Creating the Future of Work at The End of Nine to Five. For the last years in addressing the future of work I have often focused on the human capabilities that will drive value as machines become more capable and the work landscape is transformed. To help define and clarify these capabilities I created a landscape on the role of Humans in the Future of Work, which I first shared publicly in my keynote yesterday. Click on the image to see full size You can see full details of the framework on my keynote speaker website. This framework overlaps and builds on my Future of Work Framework, specifically building out the distinctive human capabilities that will be relevant and valued as the work landscape is transformed.

German AI-Startup Landscape: 2020 - appliedAI


Andrew Ng, one of the most renowned AI researchers, says that "AI is the new electricity." One can only imagine what impact AI will have on our daily lives ten years from now. As general-purpose technology, AI has an unlimited number of applications – many of which have the potential to augment human capabilities, vastly improve the quality of products and services, make processes more efficient and environmentally friendly, and ultimately free us from many cumbersome tasks. Currently, the US and China are leading in the adoption of AI, so it's no surprise that the majority of the 100 best AI startups in the world are American or Chinese (see CB Insights AI 100 list). Although Germany is one of the world's powerhouses of industry, with a particularly strong network of SMEs, it is underrepresented in the number of top AI startups.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Business Landscape?


How is artificial intelligence changing the business intelligence landscape? The BI landscape has been evolutionary for the past couple of decades now. While there's no question that today's most popular platforms are faster, more scalable, and easier to use than they were in the 90s, that improvement has been driven by incremental changes. The overall paradigm hasn't changed, however--giving people tools to ask a question and making the answer easier to understand. AI will escalate those changes.