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Artificial Influencers Are Attracting the Attention of Brands


Shudu Gram, a South African Instagram model with flawless dark skin and a perfectly symmetrical face, has garnered 130,000 followers since appearing on the platform a little over a year ago. She's modeled Fenty Beauty lipstick, and she's currently penning an editorial for a major online publication. She also happens to be completely fake. Shudu is the computer-graphic creation of a British artist named Cameron-James Wilson, who intended her as a modest art project before social media fame took hold. Her artificiality hasn't stopped "countless" fashion and beauty brands from trying to contract her for product plugs, according to Wilson, who claims he's yet to take money for a sponsorship but remains open to the idea.

Why the influencer marketing bubble will burst soon


Influencer marketing has risen to the forefront of marketers consciousness recently. Everyone seems to have an influencer marketing campaign. Influencers are capitalising on the trend too. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, there were nearly 13 million brand-sponsored posts on Instagram in 2017 alone. We seem to notice influencers everywhere -- particularly when we see live video trends across social channels.

3 Influencer Marketplace Tools to Help Locate and Connect with Brand-Relevant Voices


Influencer marketing can turn out to be a pretty lengthy process. You need to research your niche and find the right social influencers to work with, then you need to check these influencers to ensure they're a good fit with your brand. And once you've identified the right ones, then you need to work at building a relationship with them. And all of that is before you even start your actual campaign. If you're looking to speed up the process, you can do so by using a tool that connects you directly with relevant influencers.

The robot invasion has begun: Meet the computer-generated influencers taking over Instagram

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The life of a social media influencer seems simple--post photos or videos online, gain followers and get paid. But what really goes in to being an influencer? At New York Fashion Week, social influencers and bloggers shared their stories. At first glance, Miquela Sousa is everything you would expect an Instagram-famous 19-year-old to be. She's got a signature aesthetic, space buns and all.

Influencer marketing cuts through noise and drives sales for brands


For some brands, influencer marketing is a method that has seemingly come out of nowhere and is now considered by many brands to be an established and effective tactic, especially for brands who are trying to target millennials in their campaigns. This type of marketing is expected to grow significantly as the millennial market matures. SaaS had a major impact on the way companies consume cloud services. This ebook looks at how the as a service trend is spreading and transforming IT jobs. Social influencers increasingly have greater impact on consumer brand awareness and purchase considerations.