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Calima wind brings hazy conditions to Canary Islands

Al Jazeera

Poor visibility was reported in the Canary Islands on Wednesday as a dust-laden wind swept in from the east. This local wind is known as a Calima, and it is particularly prevalent in the winter and early spring months. Very similar to the more widely known Scirocco, the Calima is associated with disturbed weather over the Sahara desert. It usually blows from the southeast or east and the dust passes over the islands, resulting in poor visibility. The dust itself may continue blowing across the Atlantic before eventually being deposited in the Caribbean, or even the United States.

Thousands march to support LGBTQ visibility in Japan


A colourful procession of rainbow flag-waving supporters marched in downtown Tokyo on Sunday during one of its annual LGBTQ pride parades. According to local reports, about 5000 people marched the 3km parade route for Tokyo Rainbow Pride, which took them through through the iconic Shibuya Station crossing intersection. Tokyo Rainbow Pride, held in support of LGBTQ visibility, saw a similar number of participants during its inaugural 2012 parade. Despite small steps inching toward more equal treatment, LGBTQ issues remain largely underground in Japan's conservative community. In November last year, two women made history by obtaining a government certificate officially recognising their union.

Market Accessibility and Visibility of Products Direct to Consumers «


As the world evolves this digital age of commerce, businesses around various industries have been trying to keep pace with it. Farmers, who had long relied upon traditional avenues to help connect them with the consumers, are often challenged with this task due to their already busy schedule tending to their crops. In this session, we will be showing how we bring forth that support to our local farmers, in helping to provide additional accessibility and visibility of their products, direct to consumers.

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Cyble - Providing real-time visibility to OSINT, darkweb and enabling organisations to gain visibility to 3rd-party cyber threats.

Millennials 'can be split into four distinct groups'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

That's according to scientists who claim that we fall into one of four'online personalities' when using sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And according to their research, more young people are opting to be'lurkers' and'geeks' by reducing what they share online in an effort to avoid being a'victim'. Geek, lurker, victim and internet celeb are the four categories of all teenagers using social media. The study was led by Dr Liam Berriman and Professor Rachel Thomson from the University of Sussex. The scientists studied the online activity and visibility of children aged between ten and 15.