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How an art installation is teaching children to cycle safely


Designed by Peter Gibson aka Roadsworth, "Natural Cycle" is a painted recreation of a mini-London meant to reflect the city's actual road system. The installation includes streets, crossings, and roundabouts with an aim to teach and prepare children to ride safely on real roads while also promoting a sustainable way to travel.

Latest Release & Installation - BeeGFS


The automatic graphical installation is designed for inexperienced users and only provides a very limited set of options to keep it simple. If command line usage is not a problem for you, it is recommended to use the manual installation below (which is also very easy). Detailed instructions for the graphical installation procedure and package download links can be found in the Admon Installation Guide. Detailed instructions for the manual installation procedure and repository URLs can be found in the Manual Installation Guide. If you want to download repository files or BeeGFS packages directly, you can find them here.

Affordable Tub Installation Bath tub installation and Hydro jetting Services in Murrieta - Book now up to 50 % off


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In this kinetic art installation, art imitates life


Traverse is an interactive art installation that acts as a mirror into the real world. Created by innovative art collective BREAKFAST, the pieces are made from thousands of mechanical pixels that reflect viewers' movements back to them.

UEA art installation 'nothing to do with suicide', Gormley

BBC News

Acclaimed sculptor Antony Gormley has defended criticisms of his latest installation featuring life-size human statues on top of university buildings. Some students at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich claimed the figures resemble people contemplating jumping off. But Gormley said all art should be "unsettling" and his work was "nothing to do with suicide". The work is part of a sculpture park being created on the campus. One student said: "I really did think it was someone who was going to jump off a building."