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Analyzing COVID Medical Papers with Azure Machine Learning and Text Analytics for Health


Before making this call, you need to create TextAnalyticsClient object, passing your endpoint and access key. You get those values from cognitive services/text analytics Azure resource that you need to create in your Azure Subscription through the portal or via command-line.

How To Start A Career In Business Analytics? Analytics Career


I am an undergraduate (or any other) student & want to pursue career in Analytics, what should I do? I want to build a career / shift my career in Business Analytics, how should I go about doing so? Further, I receive multiple queries through mail / social media / comments asking the same. In order to make sure these queries are addressed in best possible manner, I thought it's best to write an article on this and provide a starting platform for everyone. While the subject itself is wide, I'll provide an overview of various things which can be done and focus on specific sub-topics through additional posts later on.

Google Adds Natural Language Queries to Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a gold mine of data, and the backbone of many digital marketing processes. But with so many insights available, it can, at times, be difficult to find the points of most relevance. This has been a recurring theme in research reports relating to data usage – last year, a study from IBM found that just 3% of marketers categorized their ability to act on insights derived from customer data as'excellent', with 54% labeling it either'poor' or'very poor'. Yes, social media and digital channels have given us more access to data and information than ever, but with the rapid pace of change in the online space, many businesses are simply struggling to keep up, which is especially true of smaller organizations who have no capacity to hire data experts for such analysis. Google's well aware of this, and they're working to address it.

User Analytics using Metabase and MongoDB


Metabase, an open source, easy-to-use database visualization tool, is built and maintained by a dedicated Metabase team and comes with a Crate driver. It is written in Clojure and offers multiple options such as Mac application, Docker image, cloud images, and a jar file, which are specifically designed for particular use cases. Metabase is mainly used for analyzing your existing data on a daily basis by quickly fetching answers to your common queries without dealing with complex workflows. It supports around 7 different type charts, which were used to plot charts using data from both NoSQL and MySQL databases using common/basic SQL Queries.

Analyzing COVID Medical Papers with Azure and Text Analytics for Health


The idea to apply NLP methods to scientific literature seems quite natural. First of all, scientific texts are already well-structured, they contain things like keywords, abstract, as well as well-defined terms. Thus, at the very beginning of COVID pandemic, a research challenge has been launched on Kaggle to analyze scientific papers on the subject. The dataset behind this competition is called CORD (publication), and it contains constantly updated corpus of everything that is published on topics related to COVID. Currently, it contains more than 400000 scientific papers, about half of them - with full text.