'Heroes Of Warcraft' Update: Blizzard Announces New 'Hearthstone' Expansion Pack

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Developer Blizzard Entertainment has given it the title "The Witchwood" and it does look like a bewitching expansion with a dark, enchanting adventure to showcase to players. On Monday, Blizzard announced its first "Hearthstone" expansion for the "Year of the Raven" through an entertaining, musical/animated/horror promotional clip uploaded on YouTube. The teaser is strategically set in the Irvine California backwoods to capture the essence of "The Witchwood." "The Witchwood" is slated for release in April. It features a new single-player adventure and comes with 135 new cards, six of which have already been debuted by the team behind the game.

'Hearthstone' tournament has 48 teams vying for $300,000


Blizzard has revealed more details about the Global Games, its new Hearthstone eSports competition format that pits teams, rather than individual players, against each other. The tournament will feature 48 teams, each from a different country, competing in a series of round-robin tournaments online.The top four teams left standing will compete face-to-face in the Global Games Final Tournament later in the year. Hearthstone, a card-based fighting game that's not unlike an electronic version of Magic: The Gathering, has proven to be popular on the eSports scene, especially the banter-laden team games. It appeals to both casual gamers and pros because it's relatively easy to learn and find opponents. At the same time, it requires sophisticated strategies at the highest levels.

Blizzard Entertainment is suing a cheating service for $8.7 million


Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm, filed a motion against the creators and sellers of several cheating services that target multiple Blizzard games. Blizzard filed the lawsuit in July against the cheating company Bossland, which openly sells software that runs bots in several different games, allowing players to farm gold and experience or otherwise hack games to give players advantages that Blizzard says ruin the integrity of the game. In a motion filed Monday obtained by TorrentFreak, Blizzard asked that Bossland cease its operations in relation to Blizzard games and said it is seeking the minimum in damages for Bossland's repeated instances of copyright infringement, totaling over $8.5 million, or rather $8.7 million with attorneys' fees and other costs. SEE ALSO: 'League of Legends' creators sue cheating service, win $10 million Blizzard evaluates each sale of Bossland's products at a minimum $200 in damages against Blizzard. Multiply $200 by the 42,818 times Bossland's Blizzard-related products have been sold and you have your $8.5 million.

Blizzard Servers Down: 'Overwatch' Error BC-101, 'Hearthstone' Not Loading And More

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UPDATE: Blizzard says the log-in issues have been fixed. The login issues have been resolved. Every single Blizzard game is currently unplayable, thanks to a server issue. Since the middle of Saturday night, Hearthstone, Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo III are all not working across every platform. PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are all seeing error messages; Overwatch players either see error code "LC-202" on consoles or "BC-101" on PC, World Of Warcraft travelers get error "blz900001" and Hearthstone players can't even log into the game.

'Hearthstone' will release three full expansions in 2017


Blizzard is shaking up its Warcraft-themed digital card game, Hearthstone, with a slew of changes coming this year. Unlike its prior habit of alternating smaller Adventure releases with larger Expansions, 2017 will see three of the latter full-size sets added to the game. Welcome to the Year of the Mammoth. A year ago, Blizzard faced the possibility that their upcoming content additions would fail to edge out existing cards that were dominating the meta. So the studio made a fateful decision to split Hearthstone's main play into two modes: Standard, with the original cards plus the last year of Expansions, and Wild, which would include every card ever printed.