4 Ways Your Competitors Are Using AI to Improve their CX Marketing Insider Group


Forward-thinking companies are already looking back at the AI-driven strategies they have been using for years to find ways to get even more out of smart technology. The fact is, customer experience is the top priority for 71% of B2B businesses. Not that you need any more pressure, but you aren't only racing against your competitors to harness the power of AI for enhancing customer experience. What AI can do for personalization, customer engagement, and wowing your customers with a great experience today is remarkably more sophisticated than what companies were using AI to do a few years ago. If you aren't using AI intelligently to build better customer relationships, how can you compete with the companies who have been leveraging this technology for years?

The Role of AI in The Future of Marketing Marketing Insider Group


Did you know that AI can predict your personality traits better than your spouse of partner, your friend, even your family? That's one of the key insights I learned last week when I attended Pega's Pegaworld at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. More than 4,000 Business and IT leaders came together to understand the role of technology and AI in the future of sales, marketing, customer service. This event included some really smart people, if a bit more technical than the audience I typically see at Marketing conferences. How to use data and personalization to drive customer experience and ROI.

T-Mobile insider steals customer data to make a quick koruna


T-Mobile's arm in the Czech Republic has uncovered an employee's intentions to steal customer data in order to sell it on for a profit. The former staff member tried to sell the T-Mobile customer marketing data, which was reported by MF DNES, although the firm has refused to reveal any additional information concerning the sales pitch, citing an ongoing police investigation. In a statement, the telecommunications provider said the employee was a member of a small team which works with customer data. T-Mobile "became suspicious" of a crime being committed, firing the individual and alerting the Czech Republic's police. T-Mobile confirmed the issue, but while T-Mobile s Managing Director Milan Vasina also said "there was no actual data leak and that [customer] data [is] safe," local media reports that Martina Kemrova, a spokeswoman for the company, "acknowledge[d] that the theft and sale" of customer data.

Singapore Airlines to offer AI-enabled features to 20m passengers


Singapore Airlines is overhauling its digital presence by utilizing the latest AI technologies to deliver a personalized customer experience to all its 20m passengers. A competitive bid process saw Insider selected as technology partner to deliver personalized cross channel experiences to customers, utilizing predictive AI technologies to serve contextualized recommendations and optimise conversion rates, revenue and customer satisfaction. Hande Cilingir, chief executive and co-founder at Insider, said: "In essence, Singapore Airlines can now create a 360-degree view of each customer and optimize its full-funnel multichannel customer experience. Using the latest AI technologies, Insider's Growth Management Platform will enable Singapore Airlines to deliver highly personalized, meaningful experiences to each individual based on historical, real-time and predictive data." Hande Cilingir, chief executive and co-founder at Insider added: "As we are building new categories, our top-notch engineering team strives to stay ahead of the trends, incorporating the latest technologies like WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Messenger to increase the number of channels, helping marketers deliver consistent experiences.

Importance of Customer Experience in Marketing


These days, customer experience, data and brand strategy are gaining a lot of importance in marketing. Both the customer experience and data analysis play a bigger role and marketers are spending more time in focusing on the broader business strategy instead of just focusing on advertising. The infographic titled, "Let's Talk about Customer Experience". According to Gartner study, in the coming years, most of the companies are expected to compete predominantly on the basis of customer experience. Delivering a satisfied and excellent customer experience is the new battleground of the brands.