J.K. Rowling Net Worth: Is 'Harry Potter' Author Richer Than Queen Elizabeth?

International Business Times

It has been 20 years since J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone" was published and enchanted reading audiences of old ages. Now, the success she found with the franchise may have helped propel the famous author to not only extreme wealth, but the kind that potentially puts her ahead of some other famous people to hail from England when it comes to her overall net worth. Based on a series of estimates, Rowling may be wealthier than Queen Elizabeth, who holds the honor of serving as the United Kingdom's longest-ruling monarch. According to Bloomberg (via Forbes), when the Queen turned 90 in 2016, she had a personal net worth of around $425 million. The estimate included the value of her properties, including the Sandringham House (worth $65 million) and Balmoral Castle (worth $140 million).

Teens expect to earn £70,000 a year by the time they're 30 by pursuing traditional careers

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Teenagers are anticipating a £70,000 a year salary by the time they're 30 - and one-in-ten think they'll make it as a video game developer, blogger or Instagram star. A poll of 13 to 19-year-olds found that 45 per cent think they will land their dream job by their 30th birthday. The earnings they expect from this career is nearly three times the average annual salary a 30-year-old in the UK currently earns, which is £23,700. Teenagers are anticipating a £70,000 a year salary by the time they're 30 by going after traditional over unrealistic aspirations like becoming social media influencers. Experts that a slightly more realistic set of young people (42 per cent), see themselves making their fortune through traditional professions.

New infographic reveals exactly how much YOU earn compared to billionaires

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earns more in 28 seconds than the average Briton is paid in an entire year and today you can see how your pay packet compares to the world's richest billionaires. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg needs just a minute to take home the £28,600 average UK salary while Bet365 mogul Denise Coates must only wait 20 minutes to bank the five-figure sum. British inventor James Dyson, who is worth £8.5billion, earns £77 per second and secures the typical UK annual wage in less than six minutes. The growing gap between the world's richest people and workers is revealed in new research published today. And ABC Finance's'you versus the mega-rich' infographic reveals exactly how much you earn compared to billionaires in America and Britain.

Where does rent hit young people the hardest in Britain?

BBC News

People in their 20s who want to rent a place for themselves face having to pay out an "unaffordable" amount in two-thirds of Britain, BBC research shows. They face financial strain as average rents for a one-bedroom home eat up more than 30% of their typical salary in 65% of British postcode areas. Many housing organisations regard spending more than a third of income on rent as unaffordable. A salary of £51,200 is needed to "afford" to rent a one-bed London home. Housing organisations recommend spending no more than 30% of your salary on rent.

Spider that looks just like Harry Potter's SORTING HAT

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The spider that looks just like Harry Potter's SORTING HAT - and even J.K. Rowling sees the resemblance Mr Ahmed, who's been studying spiders for almost a decade, told MailOnline that we has a Harry Potter fan, saying: 'My colleagues and I feel ecstatic; being huge fans of the books and films, it was wonderful to be congratulated by the person from whose imagination stemmed this fantastic world we so relish!' When it comes to the geographical distribution of the spider, Mr Ahmed says: 'The range of species is not set in stone; animals get around, more so in the anthropocence (the current geological period during which human activity has been been the dominant influence on climate and the environment). The elusive spider that looks just like a LEAF: Arachnid... The spiders that can FLY: Scientists discover three new... Are bugs giving you the flu? Groundbreaking study reveals... Male black widows mate with young female spiders to avoid...