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Exclusive Coinvision Interview with SingularityNET's CEO Ben Goertzel


Coinvision sat down with Ben Goertzel, CEO and Chief Scientist of SingularityNET, a project leading the way in integrating the blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) by creating a decentralized marketplace for knowledge sharing in AI research. After a USD$36 million initial coin offering that sold out in just over a minute, a lot of expectation surrounds one of the most forward looking projects in the blockchain sphere today. Yesterday was a big day for SingularityNET as the team is in Toronto to announce the launch a new platform named DAIA, an Industry Alliance Leveraging Blockchain to Democratize AI. The project comes from a partnership between SingularityNET and AIDecentralized and will be working with over 100 projects in AI development. This is what Ben had to stay about the state of affairs of SingularityNET right now.

Want Your Marijuana Startup to Succeed? Study Patent Law


Next week, voters in five states, including California, Arizona, and Massachusetts, will consider whether to legalize recreational marijuana. Four other states will decide whether to allow medical use. But regardless of the outcome on November 8, marijuana will remain prohibited under US law. Despite being illegal at the federal level, the US marijuana industry is worth over $5 billion, and it's becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Wherever there is technological innovation, inventors use patent law to protect what they create.

Big Data Analytics Patents


Innovations developed for effective data processing can be patenting using strong method claims. Patent attorneys draft comprehensive patent claims to cover various novel aspects, including machine learning patents, AI patents or artificial intelligence patents. Patent lawyers also employ data science in patent analytics for advising clients. It incorporates patents that identify with the encryption of information and the figuring of records and data. Instances of licenses in this subcategory are held by Qualcomm and Irdeto.

Patent IPR Attorneys in India* Patenting PCT Inventions & Brand Trademark Lawyer


Give us Innovative Puzzle and we will solve that puzzle. Intellectual Property Right scenario is to work in holistic view for knowledge exchange and visioning a world to solve massive issues which needs urgent attention to increase GDP of India aka Bharat. Are you looking for Chief Innovation Officier? Are you looking for Invention Harvesting and Invention Management? Doing international patent information researches, Patent Mapping to products to identify infringers, Intellectual Property Rights management for universities, drafting patent specifications, preparing response to notification of reasons for innovation refusal, go to person to facilitate patent licensing and initiating patent infringement proceedings before the Delhi High Court.

Patents and Disruptive Technologies (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Drones)


Unauthorized surveillance: It is well known that drones can be easily utilized for mass surveillance This is to be comprehended in setting of computerized advances that mean to reform our day by day lives, by having more point by point records about those lives. In the name of national security and fear based oppression, observation systems are used to track and profile the residents by the state too and private offices. By the ideals of their plan and size, drones can work undetected, permitting the client to screen individuals without their insight. For occurrence, there are drones with too high goals gigapixel cameras that can be utilized to follow individuals and vehicles from heights as high as 20,000 feet. They can convey gear for example, counterfeit towers, which can break Wi-Fi codes and block instant messages and mobile phone discussions without the information on either the correspondence supplier or the client.