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The Most Innovative Tech Companies Based On Patent Analytics


PatentSight – A Lexis Nexis company– specializes in cleaning and refining patent data and providing advanced patent analytics. Publicly available patent data simply cannot be used without qualitative preparation and correction. Due to the sheer mass (about 3.3 million new registrations in 2018 alone), all available patents cannot be viewed manually. Publications in many different languages and often very abstract contents make a manual review and evaluation difficult not only for laymen but also for experts. A further challenge is to level out the widely differing citation practices of national patent offices or to document the legal status of patents. PatentSight, through manually supervised and scientifically developed algorithms, has best-in-class information on ownership data, going far beyond the testing standards recommended by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Moreover, PatentSight's proprietary patent valuation metrics reveals which patents are key, and which are superfluous. Based on citations, global protection, and a number of correction factors, EconSight leveraged these metrics to determine the most innovative companies.

Apple patents foldable iPhone

FOX News

Misplacing your smartphone or taking forever to dig it out of a bag can be one of the most annoying parts of owning one, and it appears Apple is aware of this. A newly published patent reveals the Cupertino-based company is developing an iPhone that could grip onto your clothing, making it much harder to lose. This news is buried inside of a new Apple patent for "Flexible display devices" published Nov. 22. Most of the patent focuses on a foldable iPhone-like device (the patent never mentions the smartphone by name), but the patent notes the device would be able to "grip external objects... for example, an item of the user's clothing." The patent notes that the foldable phone would clip onto your clothes using a teeth-like surface.