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Sustainable transportation insights


Geotab had the opportunity to be a part of the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) during COP26. SIF unites heads of state and multilaterals, business leaders, investors and non-profit organizations to join the United Nations' climate change conversation and work together to achieve net zero emissions globally. Adaptation and innovation were key themes at COP26 in Glasgow. Sustainable transportation emerged as a critical path going forward for climate change. As sustainability is one of the main pillars of innovation at Geotab, it was essential for the company to join in the most important climate change meeting of the generation.

Tomorrow's Tech Today: Sustainable by Design! Shared Value Business with Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab on Apple Podcasts


Sustainability is a topic front of mind for many and fresh from COP26 and the Social Innovation Forum (SIF), this episode brings to the fore tangible actions being taken to embed sustainability within business model evolution, with superb leadership by Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected vehicles. I speak to Neil Cawse, CEO and Founder about'the how' of using technology and data to inform, change and create positive impact for businesses and society alike, especially for climate action. We explore the Drivers of Change, Tech as a Force for Good for Planet and Business, Data for Good - its Actualisation and Scale, The Role of People-Tech Partnership, Organisational Culture and Skills, Reflections on COP26 and SIF21 and the path ahead, plus dive into the importance of measurement and transparency too - a great example being Geotab's Sustainability Report available here: 1 ( Join us to find out more! And we would love your thoughts on the episode too - thanks for listening!

Catch Up or Leap Forward: Bridging the Digital Divide


As we commence 2022, the time is now to reflect upon what our priorities and value really looks like, and the critical role that technology, connectivity, and partnership play in delivering upon these aspirations. As part of this, I believe helping to make'the invisible visible' with regard to the impact of infrastructure as an enabler for bridging the digital divide is absolutely key. To explore this critical conversation area in depth, I recently spoke with Chris James-Killer, VP of global strategic accounts and Terry Young, director, service provider product marketing, from A10 Networks, a market leader in delivering business critical applications for multi cloud transformation and 5G readiness, and with a superb track record of supporting technology as a force for global good. Our full'Tomorrow's Tech Today' podcast discussion is available now – and here is a sneak peak of some of our key talking points. The theme of'invisible to visible' underpins our episode conversation, starting with just how vital broadband connectivity has become.

Deeper than Diversity: It's Time to Take DEI Seriously


Words matter - they help frame our understanding of the world and shape our thoughts, actions and interactions. Inclusion, equity and diversity are all words that are increasingly used but have varying meanings for different issues and groups of people. To compound the issue, they are also often used interchangeably. Treated separately or understood differently, they address only part of our human experience. So the word that resonates with me the most is that of'belonging,' as it focuses on the whole.

Intel Innovation Delivers Shared Ecosystem Value! Developer First, Power of Partnership and Scaling AI Everywhere


This was the milestone moment achieved during the first ever Intel InnovatiON event #IntelOn where Intel celebrated 50 years of heritage since the launch of its inaugural commercial processor, the 4004. Fast forward onto the latest launch of the all-new 12th Gen Intel Core processors built on Intel 7 process technology and we find the most significant shift in x86 architecture in over a decade. And what an incredible trajectory lies ahead for the next year, let alone the next 50! And this is an innovation journey that will be followed at every step across this brand new Intel On series, designed to afford the tools, technology and talent to enable developers, architects and students alike to learn, experiment, innovate and grow across clouds, sectors, open source communities, start-ups … and much more. As an Intel Influencer it was a pleasure to immerse in this combination of Tech Insights sessions, Ecosystem Tech Showcases, and Demo Experiences hands-on – and these are my key reflections.