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North Korea Spy Agency Runs Arms Operation Out of Malaysia, U.N. Says

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And it does have a business, the draft U.N. report says. Last July, an air shipment of North Korean military communications equipment, sent from China and bound for Eritrea, was intercepted in an unnamed country. The seized equipment included 45 boxes of battlefield radios and accessories labeled "Glocom", short for Global Communications Co.

College Policy Oversight Agency Chairman Counters Criticisms

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Farrell's letter says the urgency and brevity of time the Policy Commission has to complete its mission, including implementing the state accountability system over colleges' funding, has deprived the Blue Ribbon Commission the opportunity to objectively learn about the value the Policy Commission has added to schools.

5 Tips On Hiring A Digital Agency Partner In 2017

Forbes - Tech

As 2017 unfolds with a high degree of uncertainty on the horizon, timing couldn't be better for top leaders to evaluate their marketing and communication strategies with an eye on building trust with, and demonstrating purpose to, key constituencies. In a world where bigger is no longer better, and one-size fits all models no longer work, leading brands are looking to collaborate with a group of smaller agencies to meet a list of growing niche communication needs. This is a significant reversal from the singular relationships with big communication conglomerates that dictated the market in the past. Whether you are going with a large traditional firm or a smaller insurgent, it is important to understand whether the partner you choose has the ability to turn with the alacrity of a speedboat as opposed to the lethargy of an ocean liner. Innovative creative firms function with an entrepreneurial and agile mindset no matter what their actual size.

UN Labor Agency to Stop Taking Funds From Tobacco Industry

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The U.N.'s labor agency said Thursday that it will stop taking funding from the tobacco industry and will not extend its public-private partnerships with a business faulted for harmful health effects.