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Facebook Shakes up Management, Launches Blockchain Division

U.S. News

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday ordered one of the biggest management shakeups in the history of the social network, giving more responsibility to his chief product officer and launching a blockchain division.

[Report] The preprophase band of microtubules controls the robustness of division orientation in plants


Because plant cells do not move, plant tissues are constructed according to how they place the divisions of their constituent cells. Schaefer et al. found a mutation in the model plant Arabidopsis that abolishes a visible precursor of cell division, the preprophase band. Despite loss of the band--previously thought essential to define the division plane--the general orientations of cell division planes in the roots of these plants were normal. However, individual division orientations showed more variance than normal. Thus, the preprophase band serves to focus and refine the final orientation of the nascent cell division plane.

Iraq elections: Kurdish divisions create concerns

Al Jazeera

Iraqis are preparing to vote on Saturday in the first national elections since the fall of ISIL. But six months after their failed secession bid, Iraq's Kurds are feeling disillusioned with their political elites. Some fear this could undermine the power of the two main Kurdish parties for the first time in 27 years - when the region first gained semi-autonomous status.

Football: Franklin wins City Section Division III championship

Los Angeles Times

In a showdown of No. 2s, David Telles came out No. 1 in the City Section Division III final on Saturday at El Camino College in Torrance. Telles caught two touchdown passes and also scored on a punt return to lead Franklin to the Division III championship with a 27-18 victory over Reseda. Telles shook off two tacklers in the backfield on a 69-yard touchdown catch that gave the top-seeded Panthers (13-1) a 20-12 lead on the first play of the second half. Franklin won its fifth City crown and first since winning the 3A title in 1989. Ja'lani Elison, who wears No. 2 like his Franklin counterpart, scored three touchdowns for the second-seeded Regents (11-3), the last on a 36-yard run that pulled Reseda to within 20-18 early in the third quarter.