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Social media management is a regular practice of creating a post, scheduling the time and date of posting, evaluating what's right or wrong for future sharing and ultimately engrossing on other social platforms for gaining better engagement. A social media manager takes care of maintenance and representation of the online content. It may be appointed by the brand or hired from the online sources. Building a compelling business/brand persona is now easy, with effective social media management tools!! For a popular and stable social media account, one has to post on a regular basis, but are you really taking care when you are posting and how often you are active on your account?

7 Major Social Media Shakeups We'll See In 2016

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Social media has always been about updating people in the present, but lately, platforms have shifted toward an even more "present" version of the present. Several years ago, it was common to write status updates toward the end of the day, or as a retrospective recap of a certain event. Now that mobile devices with Internet access are commonplace, this settling period is no longer relevant. Everyone has the freedom to update any platform at any time, and social brands are trying to force this "in the moment" style of posting on their users. Twitter's Moments is a perfect example of pushing hyper-present moments, as are video-broadcasting apps like Meerkat and Periscope.

How Social Media Platforms Decide What Makes An Ad Political

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NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Siva Vaidhyanathan, professor of media studies at the University of Virginia, about how social media platforms decide what makes an advertisement political.

What Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Company?

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An essential part of building a startup that works for consumers is building a social media presence. Social media platforms provide and easy, cheap and direct way to interact with your audience. I've been on Facebook so long that there are albums full of photos of me with bright pink braces on my teeth and I Tweeted my way all through college. But I learned when my startup first launched our social accounts a year and a half ago, that being a brand on social media is really different than being an individual. You generally have a bigger audience and a professional reputation to answer for.



A B2B marketplaces, like a B2C platform, connects multiple sellers to buyers. Onboarding sellers on your marketplace and have them add their catalogs should be the very first step of your marketplace project once your platform is ready. Buyers will have the option to compare and buy products from many different sellers all in one place. A B2B marketplace differs from a B2C marketplace as it'll have features specific for B2B requirements like: • Applying for bulk orders • Quan...tity discounts • Ability to edit a purchase order online • Quotations and RFPs for orders • Pricing by customer • Ability to accept different payment types like bank transfers and scheduled payments.