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machine learning .p11 - Little maths behind Gradient Descent. [Hindi]


Hello geeks, this is the 11th video of machine learning tutorial. In this video we'll talk about a very little maths behind gradient descent method, for that you don't need to be a great mathematician, a high school student can easily understand the concept.

Why Gradient Descent for Optimization?


I have a question regarding the optimization technique used for updating the weights. People generally use gradient descent for the optimization whether its SGD or adaptive. Why can't we use other techniques like Newton Raphson.

Gradient Descent for Elastic net Regression • /r/MachineLearning


I am using the from the wikipedia page to find the gradient descent. What will be gradient descent equation for this. And as for ridge regression if i am using very large data sets. Instead of calculating the inverse is there another way to calculate it.

VAE Learning via Stein Variational Gradient Descent

Neural Information Processing Systems

A new method for learning variational autoencoders (VAEs) is developed, based on Stein variational gradient descent. A key advantage of this approach is that one need not make parametric assumptions about the form of the encoder distribution. Performance is further enhanced by integrating the proposed encoder with importance sampling. Excellent performance is demonstrated across multiple unsupervised and semi-supervised problems, including semi-supervised analysis of the ImageNet data, demonstrating the scalability of the model to large datasets. Papers published at the Neural Information Processing Systems Conference.