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Golden Week express train passengers at 94% of pre-pandemic level

The Japan Times

Passengers on shinkansen and other Japan Railways Group express trains during this year's Golden Week holiday period returned to 94% of the 2018 level, data showed Monday. The combined passenger number in the period between April 28 and Sunday totaled about 11,000,000 for 46 train line sections operated by the six JR Group passenger service companies. The total was 1.32 times higher than the previous year. All six companies saw their figures increase from the previous year, sending the total to the seventh-highest level since the start of the data in 1990. This could be due to a conflict with your ad-blocking or security software.

Switzerland sets record with world's longest passenger train

BBC News

The 1.9km (1.2 mile) long train, which is composed of 100 coaches, has completed a 25km journey.

Belgian officials: 3 dead, 9 hospitalized in train wreck

U.S. News

Rescue workers stand near the wreckage of a train crash in Hermalle-sous-Huy, near Liege, Belgium on Monday, June 6, 2016. Belgian media reported several dead and injured as a passenger train struck a freight train.

Commuter railroad changes arrival rule after station crash

U.S. News

FILE - This Oct. 1, 2016, file photo, provided by the National Transportation Safety Board shows damage done to the Hoboken Terminal in Hoboken, N.J., after a commuter train crash. New Jersey Transit is implementing a new rule after the crash. NJ Transit spokeswoman Jennifer Nelson said the conductor must join the engineer whenever a train pulls into Hoboken Terminal or Atlantic City. That means a second set of eyes will be watching as a train enters the final phase of its trip at stations where there are platforms at the end of the rails.

WHY IT MATTERS: Infrastructure

U.S. News

Democrat Hillary Clinton has proposed spending 250 billion over the next five years on infrastructure. She proposes to repair and improve roads and bridges, expand public transit, make affordable high-speed internet access available to all households by 2020 and modernize passenger rail systems, airports, dams, levees and wastewater systems. Clinton also proposes to direct 25 billion over five years to a new national infrastructure bank, which she said could support about 225 billion in loans for local infrastructure projects. A similar lending bank was proposed by President Barack Obama during his first term but failed to win congressional approval.