Global Cyber Security Market Worth Over $150 Billion by 2021


Cyber Security market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 8% - 11% during 2016 to 2021, owed to which it is predictable to cross USD $150 billion by 2021, assures the Market Research Future in one of its recently published study report - "Global Cyber Security Market Research Report Forecast 2017- 2021" With growing industries and preference for centralization amongst the organizations; the computer based systems have become an indispensable part of the business processes. Thus, cyber security has become the most critical concern for organizations to protect their data from the fast-rising incidences of cybercrimes. Cyber security systems are used in computers connected to the internal as well as external networks. Cyber security is one of the foremost concerns around the globe. The cyber security enables protection from attacks such as unauthorized access, hacking, instillation of codes such as virus and other threats.

Exiger and Venture Leaders Back Cyber Security Innovator -- RANK Software


"The future of threat monitoring and investigations of all types will depend on our ability to develop and deploy solutions that combine data science, behavioral analytics, and machine learning to identify and prioritize risk quickly," said Michael Beber, Exiger President and CEO. "RANK has shown that it has both the technological and real-world experience to develop revolutionary solutions that weed out noise and focus critical investigative resources on material threats." Led by a team of technology and data science veterans from Amazon, Blackberry, and Microsoft with extensive experience developing and scaling digital enterprises, RANK has developed industry-specific cyber security solutions tailored for the financial services, healthcare, government, energy and telecom sectors. "In a landscape in which mission-critical services are all reliant upon connections to the Internet, rapid detection and response to cyber intrusion is critical," said Dr. Niranjan Mayya, Founder and CEO of RANK. "We are pleased to partner with such a powerful group of investors who will help catalyze the growth of our solutions not only through their capital investments, but also through their industry expertise and relationships in the risk monitoring and investigations space."

FICO Cyber Risk Score Is First on AWS Marketplace


Now it's easier than ever to understand your company's cyber risk. The latest release of the FICO Cyber Risk Score is now available on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors. The FICO Cyber Risk Score is the first cyber rating available on the AWS Marketplace. With this release, FICO's scoring algorithm uses new globally collected micro signal data that improves the ability to quantify the risk an organization will suffer a debilitating cyber-attack in the next 12 months. These micro signals provide additional security risk indicators that are especially useful in evaluating small and medium-sized businesses.

Connected Car Hacking and Cyber Security Solutions - Ignite


The automobile industry is poised for its first technological revolution. Rather than merely taking us from point A to Point B, vehicles will now be capable of ordering our meals -- and paying for them, scheduling their own repairs at the service center, and even communicating with IoT-enabled devices within our homes. But the new generation of automobiles come with some potentially deadly cargo: the potential for connected car hacking. Industry forecasts estimate that more than 150 million connected cars will be on the road by 2020. As automakers roll out the new generation of Internet-enabled vehicles, connected car cyber security is among their chief concerns.

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Currently based in Dubai, responsible for Cyber Services in DarkMatter, delivering exceptional services to clients in UAE and globally. Part of the thought leadership initiative to safeguard the future of a smart-led digital ecosystem. Previously, Greg was based in London as part of the EY Cyber team in OTS/TAS, delivering excellence in a globally market-leading proposition that helped shape and structure, in order to provide decision makers in multi-million investments (business transactions) the ability to identify and quantify the risk-exposure in existing and emerging Cyber threats. With 20 years of experience, Greg has engaged with companies around the world sharing his expertise and ensuring that business entities within different sectors (such as banking, payments, maritime, defense & space, etc.) have in place security-in-depth practices against emerging Cyber threats. His background includes thought-leading security research, experience in defending mission-critical systems and leading technical security assessments, exposure to the CyberDefense department of the military and identifying security gaps in the payments industry (fintech) while protecting high-value assets.