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Cosmo's bike helmet light will alert others when you fall


Cycling can be dangerous, especially if you ride at night or in busy metropolitan areas. To help, a startup called Cosmo Connected is working on a smart light that clips onto the back of your helmet. Eight LEDs -- four red, four yellow -- are positioned in an oval shape. By default, they're set to an "always-on" position so that you're clearly visible in the dark. An accelerometer inside will know when you're braking, however, and warn fellow cyclists, drivers and pedestrians with a more intense light.

Corkscrew light beams could lead to practical quantum computers


Who said light only had to travel in boring waves or particles? Its researchers have found a way to spin light into complex states that promise breakthroughs in multiple fields. They've built metasurfaces whose elaborate optics combine two kinds of light momentum (orbital angular and spin angular) to send light into corkscrews, spirals or even fork-like shapes. If you want to change the light state, you just need to change the polarization of that light. The research team envisions these complex light states being very helpful for quantum optics and data, which could help quantum computers become a practical reality.

Netgear's smart security light alerts you of unwanted guests


Netgear is taking another stride into smart home security under its Arlo banner. The company has already released a bunch of comprehensive surveillance cameras, and its latest piece of connected hardware is a wireless, outdoor security light. Like smart bulbs before it, the light hooks up to a mobile app to let you customize its color and brightness. But, you probably won't be using it to set the mood for a dinner party. Instead, it will ping you when it detects motion, and automatically turn on in the process.

Light Stax are the light-up blocks that adults will want to play with too


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Pedestrian Killed in Area Known for Christmas Lights Display

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Brock was taken by ambulance to the Christiana Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition. Police said Brock succumbed to his injuries on Saturday. His hometown in Massachusetts wasn't immediately clear.