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Here's everything you need to know about today's Apple iPhone 7 launch

Daily Mail - Science & tech

After months of anticipation, Apple is set to unveil its long-awaited iPhone 7 at 6pm BST (1pm ET) in San Francisco this afternoon. Although Apple is notoriously secretive, almost every detail of the new device has already been revealed if a major leak is to be believed. The new features are expected to include a waterproof design, two new colours, and wireless headphones. Apple has sent out media invitations for an event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco today at 10am local time (6pm BST). For those without an invitation, Apple will also be live streaming the event on its website for Apple devices, or Windows users can watch on Microsoft's Edge browser.

Why The iPhone 7 Could Be Your Next Underwater Buddy

International Business Times

The iPhone 7 is not a major refresh of the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, but Apple may still have big plans for the former to ensure that it does well in the market. And it seems that the Cupertino-headquartered tech company has set its eyes on making the soon-to-be-announced handset capable of taking good photos underwater. According to Quartz, a patent for a technology that would enable the iPhone 7 to balance the colors of images captured underwater has been granted to Apple this week. With this patent in place, the upcoming iPhone is expected to be waterproof because that would be a necessity if users are going to dive into pools and other bodies of water to take photos. The patent does not include any explanation on how this technology works, but it does mention that it is one for mobile devices like the company's iPhones and iPads.

iPhone 7: Apple's next iPhone might be waterproof, leaks suggest, but it might not tell anyone

The Independent - Tech

The next iPhone might be able to swim, according to leaks – but it might be kept secret. The company is working on making its newest iPhone waterproof, according to numerous leaks. The latest suggestion is a patent granted this week for a technique that lets Apple's mobile devices take pictures properly underwater – apparently suggesting that it is working on letting those devices go underwater safely in the first place. It is just the latest rumour in a run of leaks about the new iPhone that seems to suggest Apple is working towards a waterproof phone. Some have suggested, for instance, that Apple will be getting rid of its headphone jack in part so that it can seal up the phone, and it is also getting rid of the traditional home button as another way of stopping the water getting in.

Sea-Thru A.I. Removes Distortions from Underwater Photos Automatically Digital Trends


Light behaves differently in water than it does on the surface -- and that behavior creates the blur or green tint common in underwater photographs as well as the haze that blocks out vital details. But thanks to research from an oceanographer and engineer and a new artificial intelligence program called Sea-Thru, that haze and those occluded colors could soon disappear. Besides putting a downer on the photos from that snorkeling trip, the inability to get an accurately colored photo underwater hinders scientific research at a time when concern for coral and ocean health is growing. That's why oceanographer and engineer Derya Akkaynak, along with Tali Treibitz and the University of Haifa, devoted their research to developing an artificial intelligence that can create scientifically accurate colors while removing the haze in underwater photos. As Akkaynak points out in her research, imaging A.I. has exploded in recent years.

Is The iPhone 7 Waterproof? New Apple Smartphone Upgrade Expected

International Business Times

With Apple expected to introduce Wednesday its latest products, iPhone enthusiasts are waiting to finding out whether the tech giant's signature smartphone will be waterproof. The answer seems to be definite, as industry insiders are all in apparent agreement about what could be the worst kept tech secret of all time. While the iPhone's level of water resistance has been steadily increased with each subsequent release, the newest incarnation could see the mobile device be the most waterproofed it has been, according to reports. This means the iPhone7 could more than likely be able to survive splashes, showers and being submerged in a little more than three feet of water, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told MacRumors over the weekend. The iPhone 7 is also expected to have the IPX7 rating for waterproofing, meaning, if true, the new device can be underwater for as long as a half-hour.