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Oculus Medium is becoming a better VR sculpting tool


With the next version of Medium, the immersive VR sculpting tool for the Rift, Oculus is giving users exactly what they're asking for. That includes long-awaited features like grid snapping (below), up to 100 layers and the ability to add more than one light. Medium is similar to Google's Tiltbrush, except it's focused on creating 3D objects, not entire scenes. Another useful addition: You can now send your 3D sculptures directly to your Oculus Home virtual living room. For the most part, Medium 2.0 seems much easier to use than its predecessor.

Medium Evolves Again

The Atlantic - Technology

"It's this thing that you can create that has a title or a description, to group together Medium stories or Medium users or Medium publications. You can also use it to link to other ideas around the web," says Katie Zhu, an engineer who helped build the feature. In Tuesday's update of the Medium app, these lists come to dominate the platform's organization. Collections, in other words, operate like a horizontal navigation bar. Each of these showcase collections highlights Medium posts, major writers to follow, and a couple outside links.

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What became of John Edward?

FOX News

John Edward captivated audiences globally with his hit TV show "Crossing Over" and now helps celebrities like Oprah and Kim Kardashian communicate with the dead. From his skeptic origins and celebrity clientele, to his scariest encounter -- read on for everything you've ever wanted to know about the world's most famous medium: His psychic process is a bit like solving a puzzle Rather than a straightforward message or vision, instead John says he'll be given "words, thoughts, images and feelings" that he has to then in turn piece together. "It's kind of like a psychic sign language," he explains. "It's similar to the way photos used to be developed. The film is taken into a dark room to develop and as that photo starts to appear you can kind of see what that picture is going to be.