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Deal on junior doctor contract 'agreed'

BBC News

A deal has been agreed in the long-running dispute over a new junior doctors' contract in England. Government negotiators and the British Medical Association leadership have reached an agreement after eight days of talks at conciliation service Acas. The offer will now be put to a referendum of BMA members. That means it could still end up being rejected, but the fact the union and government have agreed a deal to end the stalemate is a major breakthrough. These talks were seen as the last chance to get an agreement and were set up after a series of strikes, including the first-ever full walk-out by doctors.

Google reportedly won't renew its controversial military AI contract


The controversial government contract that led thousands of Google employees to sign a petition in opposition and dozens to quit in protest will not be renewed, Gizmodo reports. Project Maven has been billed by Google as a small, "non-offensive" deal through which it would provide open-source AI software to the Pentagon that could help the military flag drone images requiring further human review. But the project has been decried by many of the company's employees who believe it could hurt efforts to hold the public's trust and went against Google's "Don't Be Evil" motto. According to three individuals who attended a weekly Google meeting this morning, Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene announced that the Project Maven contract would not be renewed when it expires next year. She said the backlash over the deal had been bad for the company and that the contract was pursued during a time when the company was actively seeking military work.

How Natural Language Understanding improves speed and accuracy of Contract Intelligence


When it comes to contracts, every business learns to deal with several important contractual facts of life. One is that contracts need to accurately protect the company's business interests while adhering to acceptable legal practices and regulatory requirements in relevant jurisdictions. Another is that contracts must be faithfully administered in order to serve their basic business functions. Finally, contract management costs a lot. It is the cost of creating and administering contracts inefficiently.

FEMA Disavows Puerto Rico Power Contract Amid Investigations

U.S. News

FEMA said in a statement Friday that any language in the contract saying the agency approved the deal with Whitefish Energy Holdings is inaccurate. FEMA says it hasn't approved any reimbursement requests from the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority for money to cover the ongoing repairs to the island's power grid following Hurricane Maria.

GOP Lawmakers Want Review of We Energies Contracts

U.S. News

Sen. Duey Stroebel, a Republican from Cedarburg, and other lawmakers introduced a bill Wednesday that would let the Public Service Commission, the state's utilities regulator, change or end contracts for public utilities to lease electricity generating facilities from their affiliates. It would primarily affect We Energies, which got permission from the commission in 2003 to set a higher rate of return for some contracts in exchange for building power plants in southeastern Wisconsin.