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This Is Why You Should Buy Microsoft On Dips


If you're of a certain age, like me, you remember when Microsoft (MSFT) was the must-have technology stock. Then the iPhone came along.

Nvidia announced a plan to go up against Amazon, Google and Microsoft


Nvidia, a company that sells graphics cards for computers and other devices, Wednesday announced the launch of a cloud service for developers to train artificial intelligence models. But the company, whose stock has been on a tear this week, already sells technology to the biggest cloud companies -- Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft -- to do just that. What it means is that Nvidia plans to directly compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft's Azure, and Alphabet's Google Cloud Platform -- who it now sells its graphics processing units (GPUs) to for their cloud services. Those cloud services in turn provide GPU-backed virtual machine (VM) instances that developers use to run their AI workloads. The move could lead companies that need these services to forgo the biggest cloud companies and go directly to Nvidia.

Cloud Service Spending Still Growing Almost 40% per Year; Half of it Won by Amazon & Microsoft


New data from Synergy Research Group shows that Q2 spend on cloud infrastructure services jumped 39% from the second quarter of 2018. In line with expectations this growth rate is nudging down each quarter, reflecting the increasingly massive scale of the market. However, in terms of actual dollars spent on cloud services, the market grew by over $1.6 billion from the previous quarter, making it the second highest incremental increase ever achieved. Meanwhile Amazon growth kept pace with the market and it maintained its 33% worldwide market share. A group of four cloud providers continue to outpace the market and to grow their market share – Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and Tencent.

Managing Microsoft Hybrid Clouds - Programmer Books


Hybrid cloud is the number one deployment model for the near future. Microsoft Azure connected to Windows Server and System Center offers benefits such as cost-effective backup, disaster recovery, and agility. We take you through each step, all the way from giving you a good understanding of cloud computers to being able to connect Azure with your on-premises data center. Using clearly illustrated examples, you are taken through how to manage a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud. Beginning with how to set up site to site VPN connections to Azure, we move on to creating virtual machines and networks and automate this.

VW and Microsoft team up on cloud services for connected cars


VW's strategy for smarter cars extends beyond creating a single OS for its cars. It wants unified internet services, too. To that end, it's teaming up with Microsoft to build the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud and provide internet features that are consistent across models -- including when you're outside your car. While the two companies haven't delved into the exact features (it's still early going), they envision a scenario where you could resume listening to music when you enter your car, or hop on a conference call while you're commuting to the office. You could also expect tight connections to VW's We services, like car sharing.