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Spark the spirit of innovation in learners, and ignite great things! When students are free to invent and create, they begin to see technology as a means for solving real-world problems and taking their learning to the next level. At SparkFun Education, we believe electronics is more than a hobby or a career path; it's a creative medium for advancing teaching and learning. Our curriculum and resources are designed specifically as hands-on learning tools to help today's students build skills for the creative and digital economy -- critical thinking, collaboration, communication, curiosity, problem solving and invention.

Report: Shortfall in Special Education Funding Costs Schools

U.S. News

Michigan's special education population declined by nearly 8 percent in the last five years, to 197,788, but certain special education funding dropped by almost 16 percent to $201 million. The overall student population dipped by 4 percent. Because special education services must be funded, schools shifted about $692 million from their general operating budgets in the 2015-16 academic year to spend nearly $3.1 billion overall on special education. In other words, school districts spent $459 less per student overall to cover the shortfall from federal, state and local sources of revenue. Noting "the realities" of public funding, the report suggests short-term ways to reward districts for best practices and long-term approaches "requiring more, sustained public investment over time."

How AI and Automation Will Impact K-12 Education Education Technology - theory & practice


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Apple's 'Field Trip' education iPad event by the numbers


At its "Let's Take a Field Trip" education event in Chicago on Tuesday, Apple only had a nominal upgrade to its 9.7-inch iPad and some minor software updates to announce. But hey, at least Crayola's new digital crayon looks pretty cool. This year, the tablet received both a small boost to its processing power -- moving from the A9 chipset to the newer A10 -- it also now boasts Apple Pencil integration. However, even with the company's *ahem* generous $30 discount for schools, whether a significant number of educational organizations will spring for the $100 accessory in addition the the tablet itself remains to be seen. The company's iWork Suite -- specifically, the Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps -- will now support the peripheral as well.

College to Get $2M Grant for Technical Education Program

U.S. News reports the U.S. Economic Development Administration announced Thursday that the grant will go to the Wallace State Community College in Hanceville. The grant will go toward establishing the college's technical education center, which will house a business incubator and welding program.