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Chronos hands-on: Turn any watch into a smarter watch for 100


For my 20th wedding anniversary, my wife presented me with a Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Blue Angels watch. A few months later I started using smartwatches and only pulled out the Citizen for more formal events. Studies show that people spend the majority of their time on an Apple Watch using the watch face (telling the time), managing notifications, tracking their activity, messaging with others, and interacting with Siri. The new Chronos smart disc provides the most used smartwatch functions and can be attached to the back of nearly any existing watch. One year later we are now starting to see the Chronos ship out to those who pre-ordered the disc.

Garmin's latest smartwatch is for athletes with deep pockets


Garmin is no stranger to the smartwatch game and now the company is adding another timepiece to its lineup. The Fenix Chronos is Garmin's high-end wearable that offers "a full multi-sport and navigational toolset," if you're willing to pay big bucks. First, the Fenix Chronos comes in either titanium or steel to complete the refined look. The company says that these materials offer a design that can make easily the switch from hiking and biking on a trail to attending a dressy event that evening. Both versions have a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and a 1.2-inch Chroma display with LED backlighting for high visibility at all times.

Garmin's new track-everything smartwatch is great if you're rich


Garmin makes about a hundred different kinds of fitness and GPS trackers and sports watches. Seriously, go look at their product line -- it's dizzying. Its do-everything watch is the F?nix 3, which comes in a number of different variants and styles. New to the series is the F?nix Chronos, a sleeker tracker watch that marries all the sensors you could want with a luxury design. The Chronos is available in three styles and it's not affordable.

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Who Would Buy Nunc's Fancy Marble Watch That Can't Tell Time?


Who Would Buy This Thing? is a series that spotlights particularly egregious commercial objects and tries to imagine who might indeed pay money to own them. Another day, another sign that traditional clock faces are going the way of the sun dial. First, U.K. schools decided to remove analog clocks from testing rooms after discovering students had trouble reading them. And now, the Swedish company Nunc is selling a bracelet featuring a blank circle of Italian marble--in other words, a watch that doesn't tell time. For the low price of €160 (or around $188), you can own what the company deems "more than a product," but a "philosophy and a way of life."