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Chronos hands-on: Turn any watch into a smarter watch for 100


For my 20th wedding anniversary, my wife presented me with a Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Blue Angels watch. A few months later I started using smartwatches and only pulled out the Citizen for more formal events. Studies show that people spend the majority of their time on an Apple Watch using the watch face (telling the time), managing notifications, tracking their activity, messaging with others, and interacting with Siri. The new Chronos smart disc provides the most used smartwatch functions and can be attached to the back of nearly any existing watch. One year later we are now starting to see the Chronos ship out to those who pre-ordered the disc.

'Chrono Trigger': Classic video game gets surprise PC re-release

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Fans of the role-playing video game Chrono Trigger enjoyed a surprise Tuesday: a version of the classic title launched on PC. Square Enix confirmed it launched Chrono Trigger -- originally available in the 1990s on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System -- on the Steam marketplace for PC players. The publisher said the PC version of the game will include two dungeons originally available in versions released on the Nintendo DS handheld and smartphones. The game will also have updated graphics, sound and controls, as well as an autosave feature. Video game players were buzzing about the release of Chrono Trigger for PC because it's widely considered among the best video games ever made.

Windsor Castle: Changing hundreds of royal clocks

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One of Fjodor's favourite items from the collection is an arresting clock that depicts the Greek mythological figures of Chronos (Father Time) and Study, with Chronos's scythe pointing to the current time on a rotating globe in the centre.

Square Enix gives 'Chrono Trigger' the PC graphics update it needs


Square Enix came under fire back in February when it released the mobile version of Chrono Trigger onto Steam, and not the anticipated SNES version. Players weren't happy, but now the publisher has made good its promise to fix things by releasing a patch that better aligns the game with its original look. Character sprites and background graphics have been tweaked, fonts have been revised and updated, text boxes have been edited and the order of the demo video and opening sequence has been adjusted -- all in a bid to mimic the original Chrono Trigger. The company has also announced that it's making changes to the user interface, and aims to roll out optimized PC play (via a controller or keyboard) as soon as possible, as well as an option to toggle between optimised UI for controller/keyboard and mouse/tablet.

Garmin's spendy Fenix Chronos is a tax on Golfers


I've been wearing the Fenix 3 for about a year, and, for me, it has a solid balance between battery life (two weeks), training tools, smart features and good old basic horological tasks. The only addition I'd like is all day heart-rate monitoring -- something added in the Fenix 3 HR. The Fenix line has never been cheap -- the 3 starts at 499, and the 3 HR, 599 -- but the new luxury Fenix Chronos will test most wallets, starting at 899. For that extra 300 you sure are getting a nice looking timepiece, but glance at the spec sheet, and you'll see some surprising downgrades. In their place are new Golf features that track your putts per round, greens and fairways hit plus average distance.