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YouRank: Let User Engagement Rank Microblog Search Results

AAAI Conferences

We propose an approach for ranking microblog search results. The basic idea is to leverage user engagement for the purpose of ranking: if a microblog post received many retweets/replies, this means users find it important and it should be ranked higher. However, simply applying the raw count of engagement may bias the ranking by favoring posts from celebrity users whose posts generally receive a disproportionate amount of engagement regardless of the contents of posts. To reduce this bias, we propose a variety of time window-based outlier features that transfer the raw engagement count into an importance score, on a per user basis. The evaluation on five real-world datasets confirms that the proposed approach can be used to improve microblog search.

Add Voice Search to Improve e-Commerce Engagement


In our high-speed, multi-tasking culture, fundamental shifts are happening in the way we interact with search technology. Today, mobile devices are the source of 60% of all online searchers. As voice-to-text technology has improved on smartphones and other devices, so has adoption of voice-based commands. In their research recap "Prepare for the Voice Revolution" PWC reports the majority of survey respondents said searching online with voice assistants--like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa--is easier, more convenient, and faster than speaking to a human or texting on a phone. Although younger mobile-first consumers are driving adoption, PWC states, they aren't using the tech as frequently as their 55 counterparts.

Local search: It's all about mobile - Search Engine Land


Optimizing for local search is important, but if you aren't optimizing for mobile, you're going to miss out on your most important source of local traffic. For years, Google has been improving the relevance of local search, from its "Pigeon Update" to Promoted Pins. And since there are more searches on mobile than desktop, it's no wonder that Google has put a big emphasis on mobile-friendliness in its ranking algorithms. The fact of the matter is, more and more local searches are taking place on mobile. More importantly, many of those local searches come with a high purchase intent, making local mobile searches an incredibly important opportunity for your business.

Ways AI can Increase Your Upcoming Mobile App Engagement by 53%


Lack of user engagement is a challenge that all businesses having their own app, are facing since the beginning. Almost every client outsourcing mobile app development to India or any other corner of the world raises this concern. Sadly there was hardly anything we could do about it. However, now the AI development services has completely changed the user engagement game.

Chatbots don't actually have an engagement problem


Many people, journalists, and even companies who have invested in the chatbot industry have spoken out about the so-called chatbot engagement problem. The issue they are seeing is simple: Users initially play with a chatbot because it is fun and novel, but then quickly lose interest until, eventually, they go inactive (or quit using the bot altogether). Chatbots have an engagement problem! People do not engage with chatbots! Let's hold on for a minute and look at the bigger picture.