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Intel debuts security solutions at the silicon level


Intel has revealed a range of new security solutions designed to protect the latest wave of new technologies. On Monday at the RSA security conference in San Francisco, the tech giant revealed two new cybersecurity solutions, Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT) and Intel Security Essentials. The Intel Threat Detection Technology solution has been designed to protect at the silicon level. TDT functions and utilizes telemetry at the hardware level to improve the detection of cyberthreats and exploits not only for today's widely-used systems but also potentially next-generation technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) and the blockchain. Intel says this technology should help the enterprise "detect new classes of threats" due to two main features.

Intel touts Nervana AI platform as key to boosting machine learning speed


Intel has set out more plans for its focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and claimed that it will reduce the time to train a deep learning model by up to 100 times within the next three years. At the forefront of the firm's AI ambitions is the Intel Nervana platform, which was announced on Thursday following Intel's acquisition of deep learning startup Nervana Systems earlier this year. Setting its sights on an area currently dominated by Nvidia's GPU technology, one of the platform's main focuses will be deep learning and training neural networks. Intel claimed that its non-GPU tech will "deliver a 100-fold increase in performance that will turbocharge the pace of innovation in the emerging deep learning space". Intel will integrate Nervana's technology into its Xeon and Xeon Phi processor range.

Who needs fireworks when you have drones?


Disney World is ditching the fireworks for drones this holiday season. On Nov. 20, Disney and Intel are launching the Starbright Holidays Drone Show, which they're billing as the world's largest drone LED show. That's right, instead of carefully-orchestrated fireworks shooting hundreds of feet into the air to create images of a flag, flower or intersecting circles, 300 Intel drones will shine 4 billion different colors in the night sky. The show will feature Intel's'shooting star drones.' The show, which will be held over a lake at Disney Springs (formerly Disney Downtown), is the culmination of months and months of technology development and experimentation by Intel and a new partnership with Disney that's done some eye-popping imagineering of its own.

Product Fact Sheet: Accelerating 5G Network Infrastructure, from the Core to the Edge Intel Newsroom


This week, Intel announced an unmatched silicon portfolio for 5G infrastructure with the launch of the Intel Atom P5900, a 10nm system-on-chip (SoC) for wireless base stations, and the introduction of both a structured ASIC for 5G network processing and a 5G network-optimized Ethernet network adapter, offering high-precision, GPS-based network service synchronization. Additionally, Intel announced the expansion of its 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor lineup as the company continues to deliver workload-optimized performance, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration and hardened security at the platform level. In a highly integrated 10nm SoC, the Intel Atom P5900 delivers what customers require for future-ready 5G base stations, including ultra-low latency, accelerated throughput and precise load balancing. Performance improvements include up to 5.6 times more secured network communication with the Intel Atom P5952B processor and Intel QuickAssist Technology (versus software alone)1 and up to 3.7 times more packet processing with the Intel Atom P5952B processor and Intel Dynamic Load Balancer (versus software alone)2. The new 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors launched today deliver an average of 36% more performance and an average of 42% more performance per dollar3 than the prior generation Intel Xeon Gold and increased value for customers across their cloud, network and edge needs.

Intel Partner Connection: Intel Technology Powering the AI Revolution


Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a concept. According to Forbes, AI is impacting virtually every industry, including education, transportation and entertainment. As your customer base grows, AI can generate insights with speed and accuracy that humans can't. "This market is really the next big wave of growth," says Jason Kimrey, general manager of U.S. channel scale and partners at Intel Corporation. "It's a fast-changing world, and I often like to say, 'if you're not doing the disrupting, you're likely being disrupted.'"