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Comic-book killers: New York Times nixes graphic novel bestseller list


The paper of record just delivered a major snub to millions of graphic novel, comics and manga readers. As of February 5, the New York Times will stop publishing its three "graphic book" bestseller lists (soft cover, hardcover and manga). The lists were first published in 2009. SEE ALSO: 'March' may be the most compelling Civil Rights story ever told The change was first spotted in an advance copy of the Times' bestseller lists by literary agent Charlie Olsen on Wednesday, and confirmed by the Times Thursday to Olsen led the Twitter charge against the change, with graphic novel luminaries such as Neil Gaiman joining in the conversation.

Fox News Cites Poll Calling It Least Trusted News Network

International Business Times

In a short year that has already seen its fair share of controversy for Fox News, a segment on "Media Buzz" accidentally conceded that Americans largely do not trust the major news network or President Donald Trump. In a discussion about "fake news," host Howard Kurtz gave the cue for producers to put up a graphic that was not entirely flattering to the network or the White House. The program showed a graphic that cited a Monmouth University poll that Americans do not have much faith in any mainstream cable news outlet, with conservative-leaning Fox News lagging significantly behind its main competitors, CNN and MSNBC. Host Howard Kurtz told producers to "take that down" after displaying the poll that showed only 30 percent of Americans trusted Fox News more than President Donald Trump. The same graphic showed that almost half of the U.S. trusted CNN and CNBC more than the president.

Excel Stylesheets: Cell Styles and Smart Art, Drawing, Graphics, Picture and Chart Tools


You may have used Excel for years without delving into Styles (or stylesheets), but they can make work easier and faster--and more visually appealing. In this feature, we're going to go over Cell Styles, and Smart Art, Drawing, Graphics, Picture, and Chart Tools. If you type a sentence in Excel, most of us just format the sentence using the features in the Font, Alignment, or Number groups, which include additional features such as colors, borders, orientation, and more. Or we might right-click for the popup/context menu and choose the features from there. However, you can also select the group called Styles Cell Styles, and choose preset styles with custom fonts, colors, and attributes, as well as borders, shading, and paragraph levels such as Heading 1, Heading 2, Title, and more.

The Surprising History of Canada's Most Iconic Designs


Try naming an iconic Canadian designer. Here are three: Allan Fleming, who created the Canadian National Railway logo. And Burton Kramer, whose work includes branding the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "These should be household names in the design world," says filmmaker Gary Hustwit, director of acclaimed design documentary Helvetica and a forthcoming film on Dieter Rams. "They've done some fantastic work, but I think a lot of it is overlooked."