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In-depth study of Machine Learning Algorithms


Many of us do not know that there is a proper list of machine learning algorithms. So here in this article, we will see some methods of using these algorithms. Through these Machine learning algorithm, you also get to know more about Artificial intelligence and designing machine learning system. These are the most important Algorithms in Machine Learning. If you are aware of these Algorithms then you can use them well to apply in almost any Data Problem.

Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning


In machine learning, most tasks can be easily categorized into one of two different classes: supervised learning problems or unsupervised learning problems. In supervised learning, data has labels or classes appended to it, while in the case of unsupervised learning the data is unlabeled. Let's take a close look at why this distinction is important and look at some of the algorithms associated with each type of learning. Most machine learning tasks are in the domain of supervised learning. In supervised learning algorithms, the individual instances/data points in the dataset have a class or label assigned to them.

A Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning: What Aspiring Data Scientists Should Know - DZone AI


Before choosing a machine learning algorithm, it's important to know their characteristics to generate desired outputs and build smart systems. Data science is growing super fast. As the demand for AI-enabled solutions is increasing, delivering smarter systems for industries has become essential. And the correctness and efficiency through machine learning operations must be fulfilled to ensure the developed solutions complete all demands. Hence, applying machine learning algorithms on the given dataset to produce righteous results and train the intelligent system is one of the most essential steps from the entire process.

9 Key Machine Learning Algorithms Explained in Plain English


Machine learning [] is changing the world. Google uses machine learning to suggest search results to users. Netflix uses it to recommend movies for you to watch. Facebook uses machine learning to suggest people you may know. Machine learning has never been more important. At the same time, understanding machine learning is hard. The field is full of jargon. And the number of different ML algorithms grows each year. This article will introduce you to the fundamental concepts

Tensor Sparse PCA and Face Recognition: A Novel Approach Machine Learning

Face recognition is the important field in machine learning and pattern recognition research area. It has a lot of applications in military, finance, public security, to name a few. In this paper, the combination of the tensor sparse PCA with the nearest-neighbor method (and with the kernel ridge regression method) will be proposed and applied to the face dataset. Experimental results show that the combination of the tensor sparse PCA with any classification system does not always reach the best accuracy performance measures. However, the accuracy of the combination of the sparse PCA method and one specific classification system is always better than the accuracy of the combination of the PCA method and one specific classification system and is always better than the accuracy of the classification system itself.