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How to Move Your WhatsApp Chats Across Devices and Apps


Since early 2016, WhatsApp has protected messages and conversations sent in its app with end-to-end encryption. This means that nobody other than the sender and receiver of messages can read their content--not even Meta can read or snoop on the contents of your conversations. Despite WhatsApp being omnipresent--more than 2 billion people use it each month--securely moving your encrypted chats and photos to different platforms or apps has been a challenge. Transferring your WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone and from iPhone to Android has historically only been possible using third-party apps. These apps are often fiddly and don't necessarily protect your data at the level offered by WhatsApp's ecosystem.

Signal allows conversation and profile migration between iOS devices


Signal announced on Tuesday it has developed the ability for iOS users to transfer the secure messaging app's information from an existing iOS device to a new one. After verifying the phone number of a new device, the new device generates a QR code that is scanned by the old device to begin the data transfer process. Signal said in a blog post the existing device always remains "in complete control", with the new device verifying the integrity of the data once the transfer is complete. "Signal generates a unique keypair for the encrypted device-to-device connection, and a MAC is embedded in the new device's QR code so your existing device can verify the connection," the company said. "The QR code itself does not include any sensitive information. If someone else is in the same room and dives across the table or races to scan it first, the worst-case scenario is that they could start transferring their data to the new device before you."

Signal lets you see more info before you accept a message from a stranger


The encrypted messaging app Signal is making it easier for users to decide who they chat with -- and who they block. Now, when someone who isn't in your contacts starts a new chat with you, or adds you to a group, you can see the sender's Signal profile before you decide to accept, delete or block the conversation. Signal is taking the same approach with voice and video calls. If the caller isn't in your contacts, your phone won't ring until you accept the request. Keep serenity closer," Signal wrote in a blog post.

WhatsApp alternatives: Some users switching to Signal and Telegram amid WhatsApp privacy update, Parler ban

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WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned encrypted messaging app, announced Friday it is delaying its new privacy policy by three months, citing confusion and "a lot of misinformation." The update, which was scheduled to go into effect on Feb. 8, aims to refresh the app's terms of use and privacy policy – expanding how the app's business users can store their communications. It includes "new options people will have to message a business on WhatsApp," the company said in a blog post. WhatsApp – and others like Signal and Telegram – offers what is called end-to-end encryption, meaning all messages (photos, videos, etc.) sent and received through the app are accessible only through the phones on the sending and receiving end (or other authorized devices, like browsers and desktops). News of the update was originally met with skepticism among users over privacy concerns.

Make PC upgrading and switching seamless with this transfer kit bundle


TL;DR: The PC Transfer Kit Bundle is on sale for £25.30 as of Sept. 16, saving you 73% on list price. Why does transferring your old information to your new device have to be such a headache? It actually stops most people from upgrading to the latest iPhone model, and it's definitely the reason why your old PC is taking up space in your garage. Thankfully, this bundle of utility apps makes it easy to not only transfer information from one PC to another, but it will also completely erase your data from the old model. That means you can either dispose of it or sell it to someone else without having to worry that they'll have access to your information.