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Machines Can Provide A More Human Customer Experience Than A Human Can


Think of the last time you called a customer service line and talked to a human--did it feel like you were talking to an actual person, or was the conversation robotic and simply followed a script? Instead of enjoying a real conversation, too many brand interactions end up feeling impersonal and disinterested. Customers leave the conversation feeling frustrated or belittled instead of satisfied and accomplished. A lot of the problem comes from turning people into robots. We hire people to interact with customers and then tell them to talk like robots.

10 Customer Experience Trends that will impact your Business


It has been predicted by many CX thought leaders and experts that 2017 is going to be a transformative year in the business-customer relationship. The reason for this expected transformation is evident in that customers now have an abundance of channels available to communicate with businesses. Change in our CX approach makes sense when you put human interaction on one end and AI-driven "bots" on the other; serving one common purpose, improving the customer's experience. In 2017 we will see how customers use tools to do more for themselves while supporting them with human interaction when they need assistance. In a recent article, Shep Hyken highlighted that according to Forrester, 72% of businesses indicated that improving the customer experience is their top priority.

How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Are Helping Entrepreneurs Create a Better Customer Experience


Michael Bower helps companies provide cool experiences to their customers on the web. As CEO of Sellry, an ecommerce solutions company, he combines creativity with the latest technology to propel brands into the future. Alongside clients, Sellry works to reimagine and design the future of ecommerce. What new technology do you think will greatly impact consumer-facing startups in the near future? AR is going to completely change many industries.

The Hype And Hope Of Experience Design

Forbes - Tech

The technology industry is always on the lookout for the next new thing. However, it seems that when that thing arrives, it doesn't take long before everyone claims to have it. During the last year, everyone stopped building websites and mobile apps, and instead started building "user experiences." User interface design became "user experience" design. Are user experiences anything more than websites and apps with better marketing?

3 Situations Where Customers Prefer AI


These days, you can't turn on the news, listen to your favorite podcast or read an article without hearing about the latest and greatest developments in AI. But for many businesses, AI is more than hype -- it's an important part of how they do business and connect with their customers. And in the world of customer care, getting AI right is a challenge many businesses will deal with for years to come. So what does it mean to'get AI right'? When it comes to AI and the customer experience, it's about adopting technology that helps your customers get things done quicker and easier.