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Mike Krieger, Cofounder, Instagram speaks onstage at the WIRED Business Conference 2015 at Museum of Jewish Heritage on May 12, 2015, in New York. Instagram told USA Today the app's rise in popularity coincided with the release of the iPhone 4, 'giving people everywhere powerful cameras in their pockets.'

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Raspberry Pi Zero is half the size of Raspberry Pi A, only with twice the utility. At just three centimeters wide, it packs in every utility required for full-fledged computing tasks. This practical tutorial will help you quickly get up and running with Raspberry Pi Zero to control hardware and software and write simple programs and games. You will learn to build creative programs and exciting games with little or no programming experience. We cover all the features of Raspberry Pi Zero as you discover how to configure software and hardware, and control external devices.


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Beware -- it's still beta software, and not all of the bugs have been ironed out, so you might want to back up your phone first or wait for the official release in the fall. First, you'll need to download the iOS beta to activate any of these features You'll need to register your Apple ID with Apple. A redesigned Control Center lets you swipe up to find the settings you use most often, and now it's customizable It's called Files, and it's one built-in Apple app you probably won't want to hide You can clear your storage quickly with a new storage-optimization feature. It's in Settings General iPhone Storage A one-handed keyboard is now built into the iPhone.



With their simple controls and lack of preview, disposable cameras are fun to use and let you relive the party once the film is developed. Gudak wants to give you that feeling with its iPhone app -- it has a number of features that are pretty bizarre at first glance, but make sense if you get into the spirit of things. Here, Gudak is clearly pushing it with the over-the-top naturalism, trying to be the Stanislavski of disposable camera apps. It's now on the iPhone app store, but not yet on Android.