Mike Krieger, Cofounder, Instagram speaks onstage at the WIRED Business Conference 2015 at Museum of Jewish Heritage on May 12, 2015, in New York. Instagram told USA Today the app's rise in popularity coincided with the release of the iPhone 4, 'giving people everywhere powerful cameras in their pockets.'

Google's app that helps loved ones find you in an emergency is now on iOS


Smartphones allow us to stay in contact with our loved ones more closely than ever before, but some of the most important features, like location sharing, are only functional when everyone uses the same operating system on their devices. Google is bringing its Trusted Contacts location sharing app to iOS, making it even easier for families that span the Android-iPhone divide to keep track of each other during emergencies. The app comes to iOS after debuting for Android last year. Users can now proactively share their location with their in-group or search for the last place a friend or loved one was active on their phone if they suddenly go silent, no matter their OS. That means a loved one with an iPhone can pinpoint the last active location of a Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, and vice versa.

ForcePhone software makes any mobile device pressure sensitive


It causes the phone to continually emit an 18kHz buzz, which is too high for the human ear to detect. However, it's not too high for the phone's microphone to detect. Pressing harder causes the pitch to shift further, which the mic picks up and translates into commands for the software. With it, users would conceivably be able to dial their phones or navigate through menus simply by squeezing their screens in different patterns. "Having expensive and bulky sensors installed into smartphones can solve every problem we have solved, but the added cost and laborious installation prevent phone manufacturers from doing it," University of Michigan doctoral student Yu-Chih Tung said in a statement.

You Need to Update Your iPhone Immediately

TIME - Tech

This is not a drill. Apple on Thursday released a patch fixing a previously unknown security flaw that can give hackers complete access to a targeted iPhone. That is a Very Bad Thing. Software exploiting that vulnerability was found "targeting an activist's iPhone in the Middle East," the Associated Press reports. Once a flaw like that is out there, it's only a matter of time before other hackers start using it.

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Zero - Programmer Books


Raspberry Pi Zero is half the size of Raspberry Pi A, only with twice the utility. At just three centimeters wide, it packs in every utility required for full-fledged computing tasks. This practical tutorial will help you quickly get up and running with Raspberry Pi Zero to control hardware and software and write simple programs and games. You will learn to build creative programs and exciting games with little or no programming experience. We cover all the features of Raspberry Pi Zero as you discover how to configure software and hardware, and control external devices.