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10 Protesters at Iowa Capitol Cited After Refusing to Leave

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The protesters, who were part of a larger group of several dozen people, gathered inside Reynolds' staff offices and later outside them to highlight issues tied to poverty, inequality and the environment. They requested to schedule meetings with Reynolds.

Pro-Trump protesters, counterprotesters gather at Georgia Capitol in Atlanta

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Trump supporters take to the streets of Atlanta to protest the 2020 presidential election and put pressure on Georgia's Gov. Kemp; Charles Watson reports.  Opposing groups of protesters gathered at the Georgia State Capitol building in Atlanta Saturday to make their voices heard about the election earlier this month. Hundreds of protesters in support of President Trump wore MAGA gear and chanted "Stop the Steal." Counterprotesters also gathered at the Capitol building. There was a heavy police presence that kept the two opposing groups separated throughout the protest.

Protesters Allowed Inside Kentucky Capitol

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Protesters quickly made their way to Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's office, where they were met by uniformed police officers who told them they could only enter if they had an appointment. A woman from Bevin's office did come greet them, and protesters handed her several packages of toothbrushes to protest the governor's recent decision to end dental and vision benefits for some of Kentucky's Medicaid recipients.

Pro-Trump protester shot at Capitol, reportedly in critical condition

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New video released on'Bill Hemmer Reports' purporting to show individual injured by gunfire in Washington Amid chaos at the U.S. Capitol, one woman was shot in the neck and reportedly remains in critical condition. Video shows the woman, a pro-Trump protester, falling to the ground and becoming limp after she was shot in the chest. The woman was transported away from the Capitol just before 3 p.m. It's not yet clear who fired the shot. Fox News is told the woman is at an area hospital and remains in critical condition. This is a breaking news story.

Capitol riot: Media mirrors Biden by vilifying police, comparing response to Black Lives Matter protests

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Talk show host Nomiki Konst and FOX News contributor Sean Duffy react on'Outnumbered Overtime' As America attempts to recover from the Capitol riot, everyone from President-elect Joe Biden and NBA star LeBron James to members of the mainstream media such as Joy Behar and Joy Reid have vilified police officers for their role in the tragic event. While Democrats and media members have waffled on whether or not riots are a good idea, they have remained consistent when it comes to criticizing cops. After months of calls to "defund the police," the latest talking point is that U.S. Capitol Police would have acted differently if the rioters were largely Black. "No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesters yesterday that they wouldn't have been treated very differently than the mob that stormed the Capitol," Biden wrote Thursday on Twitter. "We all know that's true -- and it's unacceptable." At least four people now face federal charges for their roles in the chaos.