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Survey Reveals Widespread Lack of IT Planning for AIOps - insideBIGDATA


A recent survey of IT, business, security and operations executives shows that 76 percent of IT teams have not yet implemented artificial intelligence technologies to improve data center operations, despite the benefits of AIOps for business efficiency. In addition, just over half of survey respondents still have no budgets planned for AIOps projects in the next one to three years. Further, the survey reveals that most IT leaders are still struggling to implement effective strategies for AIOps due to a lack of clarity about their own technology expectations and business objectives. Trace3, a leader in business transformation solutions, released the results of the new survey showing just 20 percent of IT managers who have implemented AIOps in the past year say they have achieved value from their investments. That compares to 38 percent who have not yet recognized value from AIOps, and 42 percent who say the extent of value from AIOps remains unclear.

We Spend More Time Watching Netflix Than With Our Friends

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Americans spend approximately 38 minutes a day on average socializing, 17 minutes engaging in sports and exercise and around 19 minutes reading, according to the Time Use survey. Of course, there are a few caveats with Cord Cutting's finding: The publication used a Netflix-provided analysis of their global subscribers, while the Time Use survey looked at just the American population. What's more, Time Use doesn't yet have a "streaming services" question, so this data relies on reports of television watching. Since we Americans enjoy Netflix's largest catalog (for now, at least) and are not known for our active lifestyles, its unlikely that including international subscribers heightened the contrast – if anything, we'd expect that isolating American subscriber data would make the gap even more dramatic. A 2015 Neilson report found that Americans spend an estimated 11 hours a day with digital media, Slate reported.

Acting Locally: Trends from the 2017 Digital Cities Survey (Infographic)


Each year, the Digital Cities Survey looks at IT efforts in cities large and small where local government is using tech to improve its services across the board. This year, the Center for Digital Government* and Government Technology are highlighting 63 cities for their efforts in data transparency, broadband expansion, mobile services and more. This infographic illustrates key trends in cities across the country, as well as what they see on the horizon.



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