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Nest is secretly planning a move into digital health for elders


Nest is quietly planning a move into digital healthcare off the back of its purchase of Seattle-based startup Senosis Health. Google's smart home brand has remained tight-lipped since the deal came to light in August 2017. But its secret is revealed in internal communications and financial documents on the Senosis acquisition obtained by GeekWire. The filings show that it was in fact Nest, not Google, that snagged the company; a UW spinout that turns smartphones into health-tracking tools using their built-in sensors. Its products include HemaApp, which checks your blood's hemoglobin count using your phone's camera, while SpiroSmart uses the microphone to measure your lung functions.

about Digital Health


Digital Therapeutics (DTx), innovative therapy alternatives compliant with medical guidelines, entered the market.

The New Class of Digital Leaders


A version of this article appeared in the Autumn 2017 issue of strategy business. A growing number of companies have embraced the need for strong digital leaders. Our 2016 study of chief digital officers (CDOs), which analyzed the presence of such leaders among the world's 2,500 largest public companies, revealed that 19 percent of these companies have now designated an executive to lead their digital agenda. This number is up from just 6 percent of companies in our 2015 study. And the uptick has gained momentum in recent years: Sixty percent of the digital leaders we identified in our most recent study have been appointed since 2015. Sixty percent of the digital leaders identified in our study have been appointed since 2015.

Combine Customer Experience And Digital To Stay Ahead In 2021


For years, many businesses are adapting to digital. But then, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. So, digital transformation is a matter of survival for some of them to engage with customers, partners, and employees. Some retailers have made an extensive update on their apps for consumers to opt for curbside pick-up and delivery to keep generating revenues. Despite the recent update regarding the situation, 38 percent of respondents of CMS Wire's October C-Suite poll are not expecting operations to stabilize until about the second quarter of 2021.

How has COVID-19 impacted your company's digital transformation?


For years, businesses have invested in digital transformation initiatives. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans may have shifted in direction, accelerated, or stopped all together. TechRepublic Premium is doing a survey to learn more about how tech leaders are reimagining business for the digital age. If you're familiar with your company's digital transformation plans we want to hear from you. Has COVID-19 altered your company's digital transformation projects or priorities?