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Are Robo-Instructors The Future Of Corporate Training?


At the same time, L&D professionals are rightly wondering whether they'll soon be automated out of existence. After all, Google and YouTube are the de facto training departments for many employees: they're ubiquitous, free, and packed with seemingly limitless content. But more sophisticated technology is on the rise, too. For example, AI can determine what someone needs to learn based on their performance data and career stage, then push content to them as they need it. This leaves many corporate trainers to stake their own value on curation, controlling the quality and consistency of training resources–but that's already shrinking territory for L&D experts to stake their value on.

Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Corporate Education - The Tech Edvocate


Artificial intelligence is steadily making its way into the traditional classroom setting, but what about in corporate America? Employees are constantly giving continuing education lectures, seminars, and classes. At the moment, it seems like few of them take advantage of the artificial intelligence platforms that could better engage workers. Don't be surprised to find that this technological advancement is going to play a key role in the future of corporate education. On a recent study from the Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review, 83 percent of executives believe that artificial intelligence is a strategic priority for their business.

The Role of AI in Employee Training


Artificial Intelligence plays a tremendous role in your employee training which includes: Enhances staff training, Improves learning efficiencies, Personalizes employees’ learning track, Boosts completion rate, Increases training accessibility.