Amazon delivery service: Why Bezos is launching Shipping with Amazon


Amazon is reportedly planning to launch a delivery service that will compete with UPS and FedEx and ultimately give it control of the last mile of delivery. As driverless technologies improve, cars will likely become more of a membership perk than objects of ownership. The e-commerce giant historically has optimized its supply chain, distribution and logistics and then handed off to carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service. But now Amazon plans to launch Shipping with Amazon or SWA, according to The Wall Street Journal. The effort will roll out in Los Angeles.

Amazon Partners With Olo: Chipotle, Shake Shack Begin Fast Casual Delivery

International Business Times

Amazon's latest partnership will expand its offerings in yet another field: direct food delivery. The online retailer will work with restaurant delivery service group Olo to bolster its Amazon Restaurants delivery program. As part of the partnership, Amazon will integrate its Restaurants delivery service into Olo's existing systems for "fast casual" restaurants. Olo, which provides the technical resources for online ordering and pickup at restaurants, counts Chipotle, Shake Shack and Applebee's among its existing partners. "We're thrilled to work with Amazon to provide Olo's base of restaurant customers with a new delivery sales channel that drives increased visibility," Olo CEO Noah Glass said in a statement.

Amazon Wants You to Start a Business As a Package Delivery Driver

TIME - Tech

Amazon's ever-expanding retail empire is going to need more workers and vehicles to get millions of packages to shoppers' doors. To do so, the web retailer is encouraging people to start their own delivery businesses. For those in the U.S. willing to strike out on their own in the service of the e-commerce giant, Amazon will offer financial and operational support, the Seattle-based company said in a statement. Startup costs can be as low as $10,000 and they will get access to discounted trucks, uniforms, fuel, insurance and other resources, Amazon said. Amazon has been working on ways to expand delivery capacity, from leasing its own cargo planes to experimenting with drones.

Amazon's Map Tracking feature lets you stalk your delivery driver


If you absolutely need to know where your Amazon package is even though you got Prime's same-day delivery, check out the e-commerce giant's app to see if you already have access to its new Map Tracking tool. Amazon's new feature, which it launched last year, is now finally available to most (if not all) customers in the US, according to Android Police. It's not like any other tracking feature, which only gives you a vague idea of where your package is: this one actually allows you to monitor your driver. Business Insider says you'll get access to live tracking when your driver only has fewer than 10 stops left before reaching your location. It shows you their estimated time of arrival and how many deliveries they have left before they arrive.