Erica, the humanoid robot, is chatty but still has a lot to learn


Jefferson Graham visits the Kyoto, Japan Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories to meet Erica, a lifelike humanoid.

Erica the robot to become TV news anchor in Japan

Daily Mail

A creepy life-like robot called Erica is set to become a TV news anchor in Japan. According to her creator Hiroshi Ishiguro, the droid is warm and caring, and may soon have an'independent consciousness'. She has been described as so realistic she could'have a soul'. A robot called Erica (pictured) can not only make jokes but also has a'soul', according to her creator. Very few details have been revealed about Erica's new job, however Dr Ishiguro said she will use AI to read news put together by humans.

The rise of social robots

Al Jazeera

Erica, who has a beautiful face and speaks with a synthesised voice, is one of the most advanced and autonomous androids in the world.

Robot's Delight - Japanese robots rap about their Artificial Intelligence


For details about the learning-by-imitation research, see our 2016 IEEE Transactions on Robotics paper: Phoebe Liu, Dylan F. Glas, Takayuki Kanda, and Hiroshi Ishiguro, "Data-Driven HRI: Learning Social Behaviors by Example from Human-Human Interaction", in IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Vol.

New advance with conversational robots


The new research stems from a symbiotic human-robot interaction project from the Japan Science and Technology Agency. This is based around the development of a multimodal conversation control system together with a multi-robot conversation control system. These have been designed to create a robot that possess a much higher degree of human-like presence than any comparable robot today. A secondary aim is to create a robot with a'sense of conversing'. This outcome of the project is to design a new generation of conversational robots, starting with a child-like android dubbed'ibuki'.