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5 Levels of Generating Weighted Random Numbers in Python


To get a random number in Python is simple, since there is a built-in module called random. Let's see a real interview question: The keys are four letters and the values are their weights. Please design a function that can generate a letter randomly based on the weights. If you are very familiar with Python, you may know that we can solve the problem with a method called random.choices() However, a technical interview is not to test if you can remember a special API or not.

Most Common Data Science Interview Questions and Answers - KDnuggets


Becoming a data scientist is considered a prestigious trait. Back in 2012, Harvard Business Review called'data scientist' the sexiest job of the 21st century, and the growing trend of roles in the industry seems to be confirming that statement. To confirm this sexiness is still ongoing, the info from Glassdoor shows being a data scientist is the second-best job in America in 2021. To get such a prestigious job, you have to go through rigorous job interviews. Data science questions asked can be very broad and complex. This is expected, considering the role of a data scientist usually incorporates so many areas.

100 Data Science Interview Questions and Answers


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100 Commonly Asked Data Science Interview Questions


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