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R-U-N to this 'Stranger Things' hotel room


Whether you've yet to start or already finished Stranger Things 2, you've got some time to kill before the story continues. New York's Gregory Hotel has just the thing: A Stranger Things-themed hotel room, just in time for Halloween. SEE ALSO: Your'Stranger Things 2' binge watch will be better if you're decked out with'Stranger Things' swag The hotel package, described as "ex-stream-ly" cozy (this may be a missed opportunity for "eggs-stream-ly" and a partial Eggo pun), starts at $249 per night and includes in-room streaming via Chromecast for Stranger Things and more. The snacks and drinks are all Stranger Things themed – including plenty of Eggos – and there's a cute, complimentary "Friends Don't Lie" mug. But the coolest part is the wall tapestry of Joyce's house lights transmitting Will's message from the Upside Down.

Schedule BelTech2017


Last year at BelTech 2016, we discussed Software Engineering, not coding! This year we would like to extend the discussion and bring in the concept of how you build. Viewed as a Venn diagram, you can have one, two or even all three of these considerations addressed. In BelTech 2017, we'd like to build the Software Engineering track around Building the Right Thing and Building the Thing Right. This requires Customer focus, design skills and empathy.

'Stranger Things' Season 2 was probably inspired by these movie classics


Okay, so you've already cleared your entire weekend schedule to make room for a Stranger Things Season 2 binge. But what to do with your time between now and Friday at 12:01 AM Pacific time? Well, since you can't look ahead to Season 2 yet, maybe now's a good time to look back – at the films that helped inform the new run of episodes. Some of these homages are super-obvious and definitely intentional; others are subtler. All of them should help get you in the mood for Stranger Things Season 2. SEE ALSO: Who the'Stranger Things' creators gonna call?

Feed your enemies to Dart from 'Stranger Things' with this oddly satisfying generator


If you've watched Stranger Things 2, you'll know what happens if you feed a wee baby Demogorgon. And while Dustin's pet food of choice was nougat, Netflix's new website is letting you feed your worst enemies to D'Artagnan, or Dart. SEE ALSO: Here's what that creepy'Stranger Things 2' ending means for Season 3 Built to promote the second season of Stranger Things, "Feed Dart" is a quick and easy little generator which lets you upload an image of your choice for Dart to munch on. Head to the website, where you'll find a hungry pre-back legs Dart hanging out. Upload an image of your choice, be it a friend, enemy, or someone you'd just like to see chomped by a future Demodog.

Join us at the Genius of Things and LEAP the four hurdles to IoT readiness


October 4, we'll gather at Boston for the Genius of Things event, the fourth in a five-part series. There, with our partners in business, innovation and education, we'll share real-life examples of how IoT is reshaping business and society. We'll also showcase the ways in which IoT 2.0 creates deeper, more value-rich customer relationships and leaps the hurdles of digital transformation for today's winning businesses. If you can't attend in person you can watch the livestreaming of the event, and join us online. It's a perfect time to meet.