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Northeastern Indiana Library Board Drops Fines

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She tells the Kendallville News-Sun that kids might have a lot of fines and then they come in as teenagers and they can't check out books because they have fines from when they were kids. She says the library doesn't want anyone to be discouraged because they've got fines.

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With the applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning (DL) on the rise, organisations seek easy and faster solutions to the problems presented by AI and deep learning. The challenge has always been about how to imitate the human brain and be able to deploy its logic artificially. Result: Neural Networks that are essentially designed on the human brain wiring. Neural Networks can be described as a set of algorithms that are loosely modelled on human brain. They are designed to recognise patterns.

Wyoming School Board Removes Book From School Library

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The board also directed that the school immediately implement a library software program to notify parents of books being checked out of district libraries by their children. Parents can opt out if they do not wish to be notified.

Teddy Roosevelt Library Board, University System at Odds

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The nonprofit foundation's board in March voted to build a museum at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and a library about a half hour's drive away in Dickinson, where a university project is digitizing tens of thousands of Roosevelt documents. But the board reversed course last month, voting to put the entire project at the park named for the 26th U.S. president, who hunted and ranched in the North Dakota Badlands in the late 1800s before moving on to the White House.

Iowa library to separate books after complaints about LGBTQ

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ORANGE CITY, Iowa – A northwest Iowa library is shifting how it categorizes books after some residents pressed for segregating materials containing LGBTQ themes. The Orange City Public Library's board decided Tuesday to experiment with grouping books by subject and subcategory rather than alphabetical order by an author's name. The library's board president, Jared Weber, said the changes may start with a trial run on a few subjects over the summer and expand to the rest of the library if patrons like the new system. The move comes a month after some community members circulated a petition calling on the library to label and separate materials involving LGBTQ issues, the Sioux City Journal reported . The petition, which received more than 340 signatures, also asked the library to seek public input before acquiring new materials on LGBTQ topics.