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Get this fancy SteelSeries gaming headset at Amazon and save $90


SAVE $90: One of the best gaming headsets around -- the SteelSeries Arctis Pro -- is $90 off at Amazon for a limited time. Whether you mostly play your games online or prefer going solo, a gaming headset is something you're going to want to have at your disposal. Sure, they allow you to talk to your friends online while you play, but at their base, gaming headsets generally allow for a more immersive audio experience with whatever you're playing. As long as it's a good headset, that is. And the SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headset is certainly a good headset -- excellent, even.

I finally believe in Microsoft's mixed reality vision


For years, Microsoft has been talking about its dream of mixed reality -- the idea that AR and VR headsets can work together in harmony across virtual and physical environments. But until now, it really has just been talk. At its Build developer conference this week, I finally saw a mixed reality demo that made Microsoft's ambitious vision seem achievable. It was more than just shared VR -- something we've seen plenty of already -- it was a group experience that brought together HoloLens and Acer's virtual-reality headsets in intriguing ways. To be clear, I was running through Microsoft's Mixed Reality Academy at Build, a simplified version of a developer class meant for journalists and analysts.

Vuzix's M400 is another AR device built for enterprise, not you


Today, augmented reality glasses company Vuzix announced the M400 Smart Glasses, which will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. They will be one of the first headsets powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform when they hit the market later this year. Vuzix will announce pricing and availability this spring. This latest headset will run on Android and will have USB-C connectivity. It will have built-in GPS, a multifinger support pad and better noise canceling.

6 of the best gaming headsets for your PS5


Gaming is all about the senses. You see, hear, and feel gaming, and it's important that you indulge all of these sensations. But how do you achieve this? We know that consoles are expensive, but it really is worth investing in quality accessories to upgrade your experience to the next level. The average gamer doesn't need to worry about controllers, because your console should come with an official device, but this isn't the case with TVs and headsets (unless you've bagged an incredible bundle).

Logitech's latest gaming headsets get a boost from better software


Software upgrades are sometimes more important than hardware, and that might just be true of Logitech's latest audio gear. The company has unveiled four G-series gaming headsets (the G935, G635, G432 and G332) whose common thread is G Hub, a new software front-end for customizing device profiles on a per-game basis. While Logitech isn't diving into details, it vows a "clean and modern interface" -- the earlier software was a bit confusing, so this could improve the experience across the board. The headsets themselves have improvements, of course. The $170 G935 and $140 G635 are the first to use a new Pro-G 50mm driver that Logitech claims will combine serious bass with a "round sound profile."