Samsung To Challenge Amazon Echo With Own Connected Speaker Scoop

International Business Times

Samsung is joining the growing market of voice-assisted speakers that is currently being dominated by Amazon Echo. For its entry to this market, the South Korea company is designing a Bluetooth-connected speaker that has its own microphone for quick and easy detection of voice commands. The Galaxy Note 7 maker has already submitted documents about its upcoming speaker to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, so it won't come as a surprise when the electronics giant announces the device and its release date soon. According to VentureBeat, included in the documents Samsung sent to the independent government agency on Monday are a manual and photos of the speaker that is dubbed as "Scoop." In addition, the site noted that Samsung's speaker is designed to be mobile and easy to carry around, since it comes with a strap -- a portability feature that is not that different from Amazon's Tap.

Klipsch speakers are getting Alexa and Google Assistant voice control


Voice control was all the rage at CES 2017 and this year's show appears to continue the trend. This time, another big name in audio is getting into the game: Klipsch. The company will have options for both Alexa and Google Assistant, so you'll have some choice when it comes to the new feature and new audio gear.

Amazon brings voice-controlled Echo speaker to the UK with Siri-like AI assistant Alexa

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon has finally brought its voice-controlled smart speaker to the UK after it first launched in the US more than two years ago. The speaker will land on 28 September, with pre-orders going live later today. The cylindrical speaker, which is also coming to Germany, uses Amazon's personal voice assistant called Alexa, which is similar to Apple's Siri. The Echo will cost 149.99 ( 179.99) and will also be available for Prime customers at a reduced rate of 99 ( 129.99) for a limited time. The cylindrical speaker, which is also coming to Germany, uses Amazon's personal voice assistant called Alexa, which is similar to Apple's Siri Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled smart speaker that works alongside a smartphone app.

Sonos One Review: Amazon's Alexa Is Here, But It Still Has Some Growing Up to Do


In my house, we use it to play radio stations, to get the weather, and to answer questions like "When was the Edo period?" One thing I don't often use the Echo for is music. That's because it sounds terrible. As good as Amazon's Alexa voice service is, the Echo's black tin can croaks out audio just a notch better than the 20-year-old Coby FM radio I keep in the garage. Amazon has taken steps to improve the Echo's sound quality with a reboot last month, and companies like Lenovo have coaxed Alexa into nicer-sounding enclosures. But those speakers are still boring.

Sonos One now supports voice control of Spotify with Alexa


The Sonos One is the company's first voice-activated speaker, letting users control their music via Amazon's Alexa assistant. When we reviewed it back in October, editor Nathan Ingraham called it the best-sounding smart speaker you can buy. But when it launched, the Sonos One's voice control features didn't work with Spotify, though Sonos promised it this integration would arrive by December 21. It turns out it's here early; Alexa can now use Spotify to to play your favorite album, artist, playlist or song on the Sonos One.